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  1. Clear your private messages mofos - i cant send you stuff!

    1. LordJim


      OK ..Thanks 



  2. Fucking hell, its cold. I can't handle winters anymore.

    1. soju2012


      Agree! I fucking hate winter too. Going to be minus 5 tonight in Seoul and still have five weeks till holiday :(

  3. 1 more fucking month till LoS - 135 hours Overtime just this month - thats more than some people fucking work!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. SBK


      iPhone smileys don't show up, hence all the ????

    3. silentmoebius78


      Soo.. You are chasing the Mamon.. A bit greedy there?? Well in the end, it buys you a blast of a time in LoS..

    4. icebergjr.


      Good for you on getting all the overtime, Work hard in the west and play hard in the east!

  4. Who is Billy Bluto on FB btw?

  5. After being in Thailand for 33 days, I am finding it hard not to ask cute girls if they short time,while back in London.

    1. soju2012


      LOL, similar when I return to Korea. Also I briefly forget why the ladies they aren't trying to grab me member...

    2. poesface


      could you afford it in london lol

    3. vincent law

      vincent law

      60 bucks with get you a Eastern European GG for 30min. The p4p GG market is saturated in that damn cold ass city!

  6. Jesus Christ, there are a lot of parties tonight.

  7. Jesus Christ! There are tonnes of hot Russian holiday makers on Tinder! Badoo for the ladyboys is pretty ducking awesome too for take away nights in.

    1. Beachlife


      Here's a cute one on Badoo in BKK ...



  8. Father's day was yesterday.... shit.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bax


      someone's out of the will

    3. yumyum


      my son forgot as well!!!


    4. SBK
  9. Forum bug: When a user ignore another user, their status updates are still viewable. Can this be fixed?

    1. Vasilli


      Good idea Robb then I will not have to read about the dill from Melbourne on the 17th of every month .

  10. I'm just posting an update to get rid of that drivel further below.

    1. SBK


      and failing, quick someone else post some crap.

    2. SBK


      What do you know my commenting on my own post did it. Time to be a twat and lock my own comment.

  11. These are as lame as posting a "I am leaving!" thread. Just don't fucking come back, how bloody hard is that?
  12. 27 KPH Headwinds and 2 aborted Gatwick Landings later, ended up in fucking Birmingham. Finally back home. Yay.

    1. SBK


      Thanks Fie, but Emirates was pretty on the spot about coaches and stuff. Still landings with those headwinds was pretty scary shit.

  13. Decided on an hour or so nap after Mrs Poolman left my loom, 9 hours later and its 2 am...

    1. SBK


      I had a ciggie and then went back to bed for another 5 hours. A testament to Mrs Poolman's enthusiasm in the loom.

    2. SBK


      Keep up, Fiedollah!

      How are cute nicknames supposed to work if we go sprouting out real names!

    3. Vasilli


      Better get your sorry ass to LOS buddy , we miss you .

  14. Loving the weather in Pattaya now. I need to get dressed to have a ciggie on the balcony. I dont remember November being this cool on all my other trips.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. garrydirty


      its December now, seems u have been drinking too much 55555

    3. Justin Sane

      Justin Sane

      I know. I'm really loving the weather in Thailand right now. I can't walk for miles and not be drenched in sweat.

    4. jimbo34


      Once this cloud cover passes, we'll be back in hot sunshine. Enjoy the cool while you can!

  15. Yes, thats a transexual Twi'lek with a lightsabre up her butt, jizzing in her own face.

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