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  1. A Merry Xmas to you all and best wishes for 2017

  2. Laughing out loud, a great and well thought out plan. Well done Josh ya crafty old so n so lol

  3. Few recent posts just prove that there should be a sub forum for customers to discuss things without the input from bar owners, just so it's a good debate

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    2. Nob Hoskins

      Nob Hoskins

      I think Tomas is right... It's the best way for a leveled debate, but the sycophants trying to score brownie points will run straight back to the bars at any rate


    3. aussiemale


      I'd have a field day.

    4. ausmagoo
  4. Happy Birthday me old mate SidSnot, have a great day

  5. i wonder who else ???????

  6. Oh well....

  7. So much you could say but can't for the fear of a pissing contest. So many know it alls but actually know fuck all.

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    2. Turk182


      so true! it does seem to be a pissing contest on here for everything

    3. FYE


      People been threatened all over the place by pm's lol funny as they haven't the balls to do it in open forum


    4. Bi-ladyboy


      If I recall you've put your neck in it just as much as the others. If some would just stop and look in a mirror instead of always pointing fingers, it would be a better place. I think it's pretty obvious though that this site will never be even remotely civil. Nature of the beast.

  8. Happy Birthday Gizmo, have a great day fella

  9. Happy New Year to you all.

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    2. aussiemale


      Happy New Year mate

    3. benny1949


      Still alive?


      Happy New Year.

    4. FYE


      @ benny, just ! lol

  10. Saddened by the news today, R.I.P my good friend.

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    2. steveo941
    3. Bax


      Nothing but good things I've heard about this guy.. sorry for your loss.

    4. benny1949


      So sad.


      I was told the news, whilst still in Pattaya.



  11. Fen, you dirty ass fucka !!!

  12. problem uploading pics ?

    1. FYE


      cheers Alex


  13. off to buy Malted milk for the LBSBC

  14. Since returning noticed few copy n paste threads where pics are shown, shame not original stuff from bm's

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