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  1. Spurt Reynolds 55555, that nearly had me peeing in me cornflakes this morning! :Smile 1: I've been havin' a few log in problems mate, anyway, glad to be back... Again. Took me a little while to find the avatar, I started getting a nasty feeling that I'd have to draw the bloody thing all over again... Really nice to hear from you, hopefully we can catch up soon once the dust settles. Any chance of an autograph for the kids? Later Nob
  2. Just a quick note 'Kendo'... As you say, you can copy & paste a link directly from Youtube, but just to make sure that the desired video will definitely show up on your post, when you go to the fourth box along directly under the video entitled 'Share' & click it, you'll see the code on a rectangular box with an options tab underneath that, click that & two smaller boxes will open underneath it, one entitled 'started at' & the other one entitled 'long link', click 'long link' & you'll definitely get it, no probs! Nob out
  3. Lung turn your PM's on!

  4. Ok I'm so confused. Are you in or out ? Were you last online yesterday?

    And I see your rep is climbing LS


  6. Wow ! You just went from 1 to 41 over night. Now that looks better LS

  7. BTW how does a BM with over 400 post's have a rep. of only 1 ?

    Are you still pissing people off ? Just a thought, I get those from time to time

  8. Long time no hear LS , what no more pm button on your profle ? Let me know whats up if your in the mood ;)

  9. Typical... I don't know why I bother.

  10. No probs man!

    Don't evebn ask about how about how I've reacted to the 'Advanced' gig!

  11. George, Thanks for making my trip alot better didn't mean to ignore you on the street that day just didn't know how my little 2 week teerack would react at being called Iceberg LMFAO,anyway it looks like they finally gave you Advanced Status although I don't know how you'll react to being in a club that actually allows you as a member LOL.Anyway hope to actually visit CM one day...

  12. ( whisper ) American, didn't even know of him until " Young Frankenstein '

  13. Yeah, I loved Marty Feldman, are you American or British?.. You sound American?

  14. Love that Marty Feldman avatar :)

  15. A little bird close to Ezy confirmed that some of us were say " blacklisted " same little bird also shared some of Karl's troubles may not go away Ezy-ly. Serves the bastard right.

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