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  1. Hey buddy 

    Can you give me the information for the agency to assist in getting a Thai license? I am not going to tell you I got a second ticket last night for no helmet.. Stupid!

    I want to get everything legal and put it behind me. Too many LBs to sample to let this be an issue.


    1. soidog


      Sent you  PM on Wednesday. with details.  

  2. many thanks, but the profile is deleted, i can´t open it, already hat fun with her.

  3. Love your avatar. Who's that loverly LB? Any good pics of her on the web?



  4. Loaded Prae ID

    Will definitely reach out after I land in country on November 7

    Can I say who gave me her line ID?


    1. Randysavage


      Yeah sure...though she only knows me by my first name (which i won't disclose here)....although i did ask her permission before posting. She's seen the thread, it's all good. 

      You can chat with her now...she super friendly, just don't ask for naked pics...cheers   

  5. You don't pay them  for sex, you pay them to leave . .................Chsrlie Sheen.

  6. hey mate

    Landing Friday 11/9

    The plan, such as plans go in Pattaya , is to visit 69 on Sat the 10th. My mate  is bringing Som from CIB . hooked up LLLLLLLT  Up to him  . Som and Jane are friends and from the same village in Laos so hopefully Jane will be there.  At any rate looking forward to seeing you and Ying and raising a glass. or 3 

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