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  1. Tired of suggesting which ladyboys are passable and have big cocks. Go to LOS, spend some money making the rounds, find out yourself and have fun while doing it!

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    2. icebergjr.


      Well said buddy.

      BTW- I'm looking for a well hung,but passable,definitely feminine, but she has to get hard Ladyboy. Can you suggest anyone? 5555

    3. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      Iceberg you beat me too it. 555+

    4. yumyum
  2. Anyone else think we have some real weirdos/ spammers join the site lately?

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    2. Quietguy


      Well I guess it reflects the growth of the site, and the increasing popularity of ladyboys. With more BMs there are going to be more strange people (not like most of us ladyboy admirers!). Perhaps it's better than being just a lurker though?

    3. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      @fog - no one is more surreal than Mr Mango!

    4. eldiablo


      i would say we have alot of different people on here ...period

  3. Anyone in thailand.. if you are looking for a date movie.. go take your ladyboy/ gg to see Mai-ka-mun. She will swoon and love you for it. Highly recommend this romantic comedy to all BM's!

    1. Solice


      aw I knew you were soft at heart afterall mate :)

    2. Ashoka


      lot of ladyboys in the movie.. seriously worth watching. :)

  4. You sure you weren't busy distracted in los at the time? :Angel With Star:
  5. i hope to meet you in feb on the big trip.

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