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  1. Are we back?

    1. AlexP


      "The eagle has landed." Jokes aside: Click here for more information.

  2. It's not a dating site. But what you do to contact someone is: Hover your mouse over the person's name Click send message If you're using your phone to access, then I'm not sure if it's the same or not.
  3. More laughs than a barrel full of monkeys

  4. Why the hell was my status update locked? I had nothing to do with the drama, just laughing at it.

  5. Nothing like LBP drama 5555+

  6. 55555555555555555+

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. kathoeyfan


      What's so funny?

    3. Bax


      What's so funny?

    4. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      So many new topics, posts, and BM attitudes that just crack me up.

  7. Finally back from China. Only saw one LB who wasn't the cutest but doable, however I didn't have a camera to take pics.

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    2. Bax
    3. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      Vic~ Nothing really to report, except daily life, and visits to temples.


      Bax ~ I was out shopping and didn't have my camera with me at the time.

    4. Vic Flange

      Vic Flange

      Bax, now you know why I asked.

  8. A girl I've been screwing asked me about my dreams last night. I said did dream about scuba diving in Thailand, oh and ladyboys with big titties. Her reply was "Oooh that's gross, you don't want lady boys !!! Not such a good dream after all hahahah" Actually it was an excellent dream. :)

  9. 5555555555555555555555555+

    1. Quietguy


      What's so funny?

    2. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      Just funny to watch a bunch of grown men act like little children.


  10. I'm away from the forum for three weeks, only to come back and find out there are new owners and a beehive of unrest, what the hell happened?

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    2. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      I'm seriously just thinking of disappearing from this site completely.



      You are not alone...

    4. bighairy


      So true, Alex, so true.

  11. Cleaning up my PM box

    1. Solice


      Good idea that AE, mines always full, I should start doing it more often

    2. Solice


      ahhhh Fie do you want me to send you something lol

    3. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      Solice, I was at about 80% capacity. Figured I should clean out some, but there are a few I want to keep around due to some great advice, etc. ---- 5$ you poor baby, is this how you get people to write to you? 555+

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