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  1. Bad News - Bailing on Bangkok. Good News - More Sensations!

  2. Heading to C&D tonight! How cool is that?

    1. Solice


      Nice one BH, have fun mate

    2. Darkside Apprentice
    3. bighairy


      Both cool and fun! Annie, just in case you are wondering :))

  3. I love it when I look at a two week weather forecast and only have to care about the first one!

    1. Solice


      Its a nice feeling mate, enjoy your trip, hope you have a blast.

    2. garrydirty


      same same infact mines is DAYS lol

  4. Everybody has a warn status. As long as yours doesn't show anything, there is no need to worry. If it does show something, PM one of the Mods, though they would likely have discussed it with you already.
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