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  1. This so called snowflake will ask again... does anybody know how to put someone on ignore via your phone? If I'm a Karen for wanting to never read a certain Bm's bullshit ever again, so be it!!
  2. You start to fan the flames a bit and real soon you will get the " put down the handbags" warning and then the whole thing will ,poof, be gone into the belly of a hoover.
  3. Is this possible to do on a phone?. Due to the reemergence of a certain BM who makes my skin crawl, I am in real need of this function!
  4. I do not think so...very frustrating as you get the overall search.
  5. I see you are a knowledgeable person))) perhaps tell me how she is in business?

  6. This drive some people nuts but I'll tell you what I do and have avoided diarrhea the last three trips... Start taking probiotics before you leave a month in advance and bring a lot with you... when you get to Thailand buy some Cipro flaxen at any pharmacy and there is no prescription required... take one 500 mg and 7 or 8 hours later take more probiotics... You will rid yourself of all bacteria after taking ciproflaxen but then you will get yourself good bacteria back after taking a probiotics... If you have questions about it p.m. me it's worked three times in a row for me

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