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  1. I thank this forum for informing me on this subject and I am PrEP ed up for my July holiday..never would have gone through the hoops and whistles if not being advised by so many great guys here..thanks to all who helped me!
  2. My next question is ART..never heard of it...I have Prep...will this work for me?
  3. Let me ask a stupid question...bottom line, if one is on PrEP then there is a 98% chance of staying negative for HIV?
  4. 555...maybe some bacteria from a ladyboy's private area perhaps?
  5. I finally got a prescription from my physician for 90 pills of truvada(PrEP) and picked up my first 30 today..I will not need all 90 pills because I have a short 8 day holiday in July in pattaya...if anyone, who has had the approval of their doctor to take truvada, wants to purchase 30 from me in an unopened bottle with the truvada label on it,please PM me and I will bring it along with me in july.
  6. I am thinking of taking prep on my upcoming trip which will be all of 10 days. Can you get prep for that short of visit or do they make you take a minimum of three months worth of pills. it would be a lot cheaper just to get 10 days worth instead of having to buy three months worth of medication
  7. I think he knows all about that method, he's looking for something a little easier.
  8. If the person you were sucking had syphilis or gonorrhea yes you absolutely could catch it without getting in contact with sperm... read up on the facts it's very easy to find
  9. spooky60


    So this is a clinic with a sign stating "clinic"..not a pharmacy? I did not know one could purchase these meds anywhere except a pharmacy or hospital..thanks for the info
  10. If you got plenty of cash just take a taxi ride into na na. Should be about 450
  11. I will take the train to nana also..is there a transfer that needs to be done from the airport or will 1 train from the airport stop right at nana ?any advice would be appreciated
  12. And yet another reason to bring carry-on only and cram as much as you can into the one carry-on bag
  13. spooky60

    blue pill

    Yes the generic version is everywhere
  14. Quickly,how does one remove a filter out of an a/c unit? Do you need tools?please give a quick primer for those of us lacking in basic air conditioning repairs and fixes.
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