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  1. Send me a PM, your previous account can easily be recovered. Can you remember the previous account name and/or email address?
  2. Mine are coming through to yahoo OK, but just in a totally mish-mash random order.
  3. Upon further testing, the hotmail and gmail notifications are coming through pretty much instantly. (as they should). But I'm getting a delay on the yahoo ones, as and when they drop through.
  4. The major mail providers such as Yahoo, outlook/hotmail and Gmail may be treating our messages as SPAM. As a result, please be sure to check your Junk or Spam folder to see if your messages are in there. You can also mark them as not spam and try adding ladyboyspattaya to your Safe Senders list to try and prevent further messages being marked as spam. This also applies to notification emails and password resets.
  5. I think the error message you were getting is more a Tapatalk issue than one on the forum as you've now made a few posts already.
  6. Under your profile look for "Content I follow" All previously followed threads will be listed.
  7. Francis's recent tales from Patts now available in TR form: http://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/29957-frankie-goes-to-pattaya/

    1. Jimmy_Lovepants
    2. LL Cool Dave

      LL Cool Dave

      Does he pay for advertising?

  8. If you need a LBWVB ticket PM me, I have a spare.

  9. It's something we may look at soon as it would allow people more control over what they see in their feed.
  10. That feature is a paid add-on to the forum software, not a standard feature. Bear in mind Pattaya Addicts has a much larger userbase than ours. Their live post feed moves at a much faster pace, giving more justification for having such a feature enabled.
  11. In 2010 I watched Serbia vs Germany at the German beer garden in BKK, packed with Germans. oh how I celebrated when Serbia scored and at the full-time whistle. karma really got me back in the round of 16 though
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