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  1. I arrive by a flight from Amsterdam at BKK and continue to Phuket (HKT) with a 2.5 hours span between landing and departure. Where should I pass immigration? Is it better to pass immigration in BKK and recheck in for the domestic BKK->HKT flight? Or shoud I use the CIQ procedure at the BKK airport and pass immigration at HKT? Is CIQ at BKK airport still available?
  2. Where did you get your distribution? Which operating system are you using? Did you install all necessary plugins? When you type "vlc --version", you should see something similar to this: VLC media player 3.0.6 Vetinari (revision 3.0.6-0-g5803e85f73) VLC version 3.0.6 Vetinari (3.0.6-0-g5803e85f73) Compiled by mockbuild on buildvm-07.virt.rpmfusion.net (Jan 17 2019 11:42:57) Compiler: gcc version 8.2.1 20181215 (Red Hat 8.2.1-6) (GCC) This program comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. You may redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License; see the file named COPYING for details. Written by the VideoLAN team; see the AUTHORS file.
  3. Do not use luggage with a zipper. Use a rigid brand luggage (Samsonite or Delsey) with a TSA lock. For instance, the Samsonite S'Cure is perfect. No possibility to tamper with the lock, as it is shown on the videos published here. Comes in 4 dimensions: 55cm, 69cm, 75cm, and 81cm. I use the 75cm version.
  4. I would like to take a direct flight from Paris, BUT .... the price is discouraging. There are only two companies proposing a direct flight from Paris to BKK: Air France and Thai Air. If you are lucky, you can get a flight for 750 €. This is a combination of extremely high costs of Air France, due to corruption, and a much higher tax applied on longer flights. If you choose Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Oman Air, Finnair, and (sometimes) Swiss or Austrian, you end up with a lower price and better service. When you take Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, or Oman Air, your flight is divided into two halves of approximately same length. This means, you will not sleep much. If you take Finnair, Swiss, Austrian, or Turkish Airlines, your fight will be divides into two parts with the length of 1/4 and 3/4, or 1/3 and 2/3. This will allow you o sleep on the second leg, provided you are able to sleep sitting in the cattle class. Or just book a business class ticket. Some friends use Ukrainian Airlines or Aeroflot, but I never tried them. The flights with Air China or Cathay Pacific are just too long. I would definitely NOT use China Eastern, since their service is horrible.
  5. Use www.kayak.com or www.skyscanner.com or go to one of the two company websites. AFAIK, there are no flights from Utapao to Siem Reap. Go to BKK airport and take a Bangkok Airwaysor ThaiSmile flight.
  6. Do you know what part of a plane ticket is overwhelmingly the most expensive? The airport taxes of EU airports.
  7. I answer the phone with the sentence: "Здес находится парижский централ ФСБ ". Those who do not know me hang up immediately.
  8. Yes, I saw that, too. It seems that the provider hosting this forum (Yellowfiber) took that the measure. However, it would be good to get back the possibility to log in through TOR. Not everyone has a VPN account and it is the only possibility to log in from countries where weird morals are declared to be state politics.
  9. Did it happen to you, too, that they do not bother to bring you the change in Temptations if it is below 100 baht?
  10. I do not know on which Thai airport this happens, but it is frightening. Apparently it is the JetStar airliner, as you can see from the video. Your baggage gets "inspected" by the loading persons. Any comments? http://www.facebook.com/tacnewz/videos/437553786641916/
  11. I am looking for a good hotel in Pattaya and Patong with the following specifications. Any ideas? 1. Modern hotel, either 4* or 5*. 2. No joiner fee and no problem with bringing in ladyboys. 3. Having a large pool 50m long, since I like to swim. 4. Close to action. 5. Soft bed. Some examples and their drawbacks: In Patong: BYD Lofts: Very small pool, more a wash basin. Far away from the action. Patong Resort: Pool is OK (even two pools), but hotel is old and starts to look run down. Yorksher Inn: Small rooms, which look like the interior of a U-boot. Nap: 1500 baht joiner fee. La Flora: 2000 baht joiner fee. The Lantern: 1000 baht joiner fee and rooms look like the interior of a U-boot. Baipho: No pool. You cannot swim in the jacuzzi on the roof. Patong Towers: Extremely small pool. It's a joke. Patong Beach Hotel: Ladyboys not allowed, even when they do an evening show there on Thursdays. KEE Resort: No ladyboys allowed. In Pattaya: Areca Lodge: Pool is OK, but the beds are hard and it starts to look run down, even the Evergreen wing. Avani: 1000 baht joiner fee. LK Metro: The whole hotel looks awful and kitsch. Seven Zea Chick hotel: far away from the action. Siam@Siam: Away from the action.
  12. There are rumors that the Thai government wants to block Facebook in Thailand. What is the actual development on this topic right now? http://m.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1250114/facebook-faces-immediate-shutdown-threat
  13. http://www.elitereaders.com/vietnams-bikini-airlines-set-create-countrys-first-female-billionaire/
  14. http://www.vietjetair.com/ Did somebody try them already? What is service? What is their security record? They seem to fly between BKK and HKT for peanuts.
  15. Here is a question for Thai visa specialists. I have a double citizenship - French and Slovak. My first names on the French and Slovak passports are different, but everything else is the same - family name, birthdate, birthplace. Of course, the issuing countries of the passports are different. I plan to do the following process. I enter Thailand on my French passport and get a 30 day visa waiver. During those 30 days I get a 30 days extension. On the last day of these 30+30 days I do a visa run by plane - Phnom Penh, Kuala Lumpur or similar - maybe with a small stay in those cities/countries. Then I head back to Thailand, arriving by air on my Slovak passport, which will give me a 30 day visa waiver, which I will extend once more for another 30 days during the stay. After these 2*(30+30) days I head somewhere else for one month. Then I come back and repeat this process. Can the Thai authorities discover this and accuse me of cheating? Or, even if they discover this, will they let me in since, administratively speaking, I am not traveling on the same document? Thank for valuable hints and advice.
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