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  1. The snag about the government bus is that you are dropped off on Sukumvit Road. To get a baht bus you have to cross 6 lanes of traffic to the other side often with a large heavy case or else take a motor bike taxi. The Bell Travel service would be the best option for most people. I have used them a few times and have never booked, but maybe I have been lucky. I think the Bell Travel service only operates until early evening whereas te government bus has later services. Some people take the bus believing it to be safer in the event of accidents. I'm nervous in taxis airport - Pattaya. They follow too close to the vehicle in front and weave about the highway. Thai roads are dangerous and deaths or injury frequent.
  2. My experience is that you don't know the quality of your insurance until you have to make a claim. By far the most important part of your cover is the medical expenses section. I have "free" insurance via my bank account but an not sure how good it is.
  3. hey bud how do i give folks reputation points?

  4. Euroboys used to be my favorite - plenty of cute FB's in there, however its now closed. I would Happy Boys near Sunee.

    I stayed at Baan Dok Mai guesthouse, very close to Tukcom and not far from Sunee. No problem bringing boys back there.

  5. where is best bar for femboys in pattaya? and which hotel is best if you want to ask them in for coffee?!

  6. Advice ? What sort of advice ? Accomodation ? Transport ? or Femboy advice ?

  7. lookin for advice for trip

  8. hi be in thailand from 2nd september utill 22nd september , from chris in london uk

  9. What's on your mind?

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  10. dave-Shez - I had a similar experience to yours with girls turning up in their bar gear. A ladyboy had given me her phone number when I was having a drink at Jenny Star Bar. The following day I had been round the pool during the morning and had a beer. Returning to my room and feeling horny I decided to give her a call. She agreed to come to my hotel and give me a call when she reached the lobby. Sure enough about half an hour later I got the call and went down to collect her and my embaressment was fucking mega. There she was wearing tiny pants, showing a black thong, bra top, 5" heels - the lot !. Guys, some of whom I was friendly with, were sitting around in reception and the adjoining lounge had eyes dropping out of their sockets !. I took me a couple of whiskeys to calm down but the ladyboy just took it in her stride.
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