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  1. Just a thought: Take your coffe shop with you. You can have it in your room & is available for at anytime. The capsulses you can buy them in BKK.... I always have mine in my suitcase ! My pixie has been with me in many countries....I'm addicted, I get headache if I don't drink coffe, even in the evening....
  2. I just checked tickets between January-March next year and found out that QA will be using 777 and 787 from Doha to BKK. It seems that they stopped using A380 !!! Big disappointment !
  3. I always rent a big bike from Kaew motorbike rental at beach road (check out the pic where the MC-taxi driver sits). Kaew is a decent and reliable man with long experience in this business. Very reasonable prices, very good service, good standard bikes/scooters and the best of all : no scam at all !!! 2 weeks ago, I booked "my bike" for my upcoming trip !!! I do book cause I have a fav. bike !!! I can give you his Line ID/his number if you want
  4. @Abba123. To be clear, I got a Swedish passport and traveled from Sweden !!
  5. I think it was just a mistake. Last year I experienced something opposite of what you experienced. I traveled to Los on January 27th. I didn't pay attention to the stamp. Few days later On my way to the immigration, needed the residence certificate, I took a look at my passport, I was surprised. I found out that I actually got 3 months. (entered 27th - leave 25 April!!!!). Once I talked to the policeman who uses to be in the reception at the office, he saw my passport and reacted with a surprise. He said : wrong, only one month !!! I said but my intention was that i should stay 5 weeks. He said only 30 days. Ok, I said but I will apply for visa extension. Around 3 weeks later, I went back and applied. They crossed off the old stamp and got a new stamp which said : leave 25th February and of course I got an extension...
  6. About this 1600 Baht fine. That law exists in many countries. In Russia and Ukraine, the hotels are responsible but in many cases when one rents a condo, for example, one must report himself to the nearest police station within 24 hours if the stay is short or within 3 days if the stay is longer..... I traveled lot to those countries before and for longer stays I used to rent apartments...I never reported myself and nothing happened. If one comes in trouble with law, then the police can apply that law and of course one can get a fine.......
  7. Usually guesthouses, condo owners and small hotels who do not report cause they in general "work black"......But big well known do report...... I have never stayed in guesthouses, small hotels......
  8. I don't know what you are talking about. That hotels report you being staying there, that'san international law. It exists in all countries. This is not the discussed case. So you mean if the hotel didn't report you, you'll get a fine. That's absurd. It's the hotel's responsibility to report you..... Anyways, this case is about a man who needs extension visa..... As I mentioned, according to my own experience, a receipt from the hotel is enough.... I was in Jomtien just yesterday and got visa extension....
  9. No need to talk to Emmy. He can take the receipt that he paid for his stay at that guesthouse and that's it. The receipt will show where and how long he will stay..... I applied for the extension using the TM7 form and the receipt from my hotel. Without any confirmation from the hotel owner....The receipt shows how much I paid and When i will check out....
  10. Qatar Airways and Norwegian.com do the same.....
  11. I got a pleasant surprise 3 days ago, was traveling with Qatar Airways !!! I checked in in BKK airport, went to the gate. 10 minutes before getting on board, I heard my name !!! I went to the desk to ask what it was. The lady asked me to give her my boarding pass. Ops!!! she said: you were upgraded to business class and she handed me a new boarding pass. What a pleasant surprise, i said....why? and why me ??? never asked, but was just happy....
  12. Here is a phone number of a taxi-driver i know in pattaya. If you say that you will arrive at 9.45 pm, Im sure he'll be there at that time waiting for you....he speaks decent English, drives a nice clean car and he drives very carefully, not like the other crazy taxi drivers....Mr Passy-taxi 0066-0896018359. Ops!! if you have line app, you can video chat with him...
  13. Annoying !!! It happens with me too. Never before i book !!!! or right a week or so before a trip !!!!
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