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  1. Irish Rovers around the corner on Soi LK Metro. 130 baht I think and they even have place pudding.
  2. I better get a strong one To fish me out. I rarely make to the pool so I'll be ok. The LKs have a good offering across the board. I really just like the room set up and I'm not really concerned with the pool or food.
  3. Spot on. Thats me fixed. A sofa companion and Ill be set.
  4. Cheers Petesie. And does it have a separate sofa for watching tv hungover? Thats the deal-breaker .
  5. I always liked the LK Renaissance but I think I'll give the Royal wing a go in February. 200 euro for 3 nights in the executive suite looks good value. Lost of space and a separate area with sofa etc. I never like the rooms in the Areca but the pool is good.
  6. Why is nearly every thread ruined by a stupid fucking "you must be gay" joke.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. neo24


      people love titles and that's a key factor in judgement!


    3. LL Cool Dave

      LL Cool Dave

      This isn't a gay forum is it?

    4. duke007


      they just want attention :-)

  7. Booked my cheapest flight since coming to Thailand a couple of weeks ago. Dublin to Bkk with Etihad €595. A bargain. The flights I had to cancel were €800 (due to depart next week). I can never figure out the bloody pricing of these airlines.
  8. Thats it. last day of work before wheels up tomorrow. C'mon!!!!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. laptop


      June is booked into the Dynasty Inn Grande. My belongings in an apartment in sathon. She getting light fingered?

    3. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      Been said of her a couple of times.

    4. laptop


      Ill get her back by stealing her knickers

  9. Just for you Petesie..The granny is now a pussy

  10. 2 weeks in Bkk just booked for feb. The wife doesnt know yet. I guess she'll figure out in Terminal 2 Dublin Airport. Ill say nothing for a couple o months

  11. I was left alone leaving BKk last month........
  12. Naughty Nigel from AsianStreetMeat is no more.....according to Stickman it was the big C.

    1. Tomas


      Think I read somewhere that he was stabbed in Big Dogs before.

    2. laptop


      Yeah in the stomach. I think trouble followed him around. What will the apeman do without him

    3. Tomas


      He will probably be released back into the wild.

  13. Self imposed curfew tonight.

    1. icebergjr.


      Good for you, take it easy one night!(this is a holiday after all,isn't it?)

    2. Vasilli


      Showing your age there buddy lol . Keep up the good work , I am jealous .


    3. lovelblovebj


      Quite right too there have been complaints that you have been tearing up the town ;)

  14. Anyone fancy an early start befor 10 o clock curtains in Patts? say pook bar soi b?

    1. laptop
    2. jimbo34


      Good idea. Help your ladyboy bars in these tough times.

  15. 6 days to go, the time is fucking crawling....final days are the worst

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Vasilli


      Cheers buddy , have a good one .

    3. garrydirty


      miss u by a few days then..

    4. laptop


      Hope the wait doesnt drag gents. Should a bit cooler too. Not looking forward to the heat.

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