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  1. Took me about 10 minutes yesterday evening.
  2. Thanks, yes I've been going to Jimmy's for a few years, but I was looking for a little something different.
  3. Thanks mate, I had a nice breakfast there today, Friendly staff to.
  4. Can someone help me with a good breakfast location? I had a breakfast from the corner of Soi 6/1 and it give me the shits.
  5. Flying out tonight from London, just hoping the weather holds out.

    1. garrydirty


      Good luck plenty of lube packed? 5555

  6. Homeland security is in full effect in Thailand now, have to show passport even for new Sim now.

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    2. silentmoebius78


      Every SIM which has not been registered until July 31st, has been shut down.. I had a Thai number as well, I even used for banking.. Have to register new number all over again..

    3. ChocolateButterfly


      I see. Well whatsapp and line accounts transfer to the new sim if we use the same phone, correct?

    4. silentmoebius78


      Yes.. Apps are installed on the phone.. So no matter what number you have, as long as you have internet connection, Whatsapp and Line will work.. The apps are indipendent from the SIM..

  7. Just landed and realised I fogot to pack underware, a little shopping tonight, or should I go commando?

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    2. kathoeyfan
    3. hubert_cumberdale


      always go commando way too sweaty for that.

    4. icebergjr.


      Who wears underwear in LOS?, I agree too sweaty.

  8. What's the best type of Thai sim to buy, the one where you can pay via that paypoint inside 7/11

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Pimpgreen


      Thanks for all the advice guys, I going with DTAC I like the idea of topping up online.


    3. Slacker


      Try http://thaisimtopup.com/ - they can top-up DTAC, AIS 12 and True Move

    4. snoop-dawg
  9. What's the best way to get from Pattaya to Chon Buri, and how long will it take?

    1. vincent law

      vincent law

      Take a bus from Pattaya bus terminal. I'd say about 50min.

    2. Pimpgreen
  10. Had my first LB GG sandwich last night, I was the beef in the middle of course.

  11. So how much time is he looking at and could a pardon from the King reduce his sentence?
  12. Is it is possible to catch a LB at the Colosseum Show Pattaya?

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    2. Vasilli


      Anything is possible in Pattaya . Just go there after the show with your telephone number written on several pieces of paper and when they are posing for photo's just slip one in your chosen ones hand and wait for the call . Works in Phuket or it did for me .


    3. GrifterMan


      Or be good looking enough like Chick and they will give you THEIR number!

    4. fenton


      have your LB Gin trap ready at Sensations. Gordon's not the metal type ;)

  13. That dude that does the website LadyboyGold, the fella that never shows his face, but always wears a black T-shirt, How come he's never got HIV, he's fucked almost every LB in the game and BB. I understands he gets the girls tested before a shot, but sometimes it takes at least 3 months for HIV to show up in your system sometimes.
  14. This is the strangest plane disappearance's ever, If it was as a terrorist bombing the plane would've broke up into pieces and fragment's would've been found by now, If the plane lost control and was falling, there would've been a may day call. They keep going on about fake passports, so what, every flight contains a few passengers with fake passports,
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