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  1. Anyone got a link for nam taxi? Seems to be a popular service


  2. My usual taxi man is no longer operating, can someone reply to this or message me contact details of good taxi service.

    1. Botafogo


      Last 20 odd arrivals and departures I’ve used Meow’s service. Sometimes it’s her, or in recent years someone else.....always reliable. 1k Airport, 1.2k Bangkok to Pattaya.


    2. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      walk you cunt , your that fond on running marathons

  3. It's been a while but flights and hotel booked.see you soon

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    2. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      wanker , I am leaning towards joining you will have to wait til next friday to book

    3. jcs


      I am booked, sort yourself out so we can put the team back together

    4. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      will book next week on payday just had to pay a shit load out to Inland Revenue

  4. Not really be on here for a while, but will be planning one last hurrah later on this year...

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    2. jcs


      My curlies are a bit longer nowadays!

    3. kathoeyfan


      One last ... ever? May the winds always fill your sails and the sun and moon light your passage

    4. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Something will fill his passage back in the sewer. But there won't be much light..... Arf! Arf!

  5. Fair point solice

  6. Fair point solice

  7. Anyone about early June?

    1. terry


      June of which year?

    2. jcs


      This year you daft sod!

    3. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      Going this week mate leaving 3rd June for home might add a couple of days on

  8. Anyone about early June?

  9. 90% confirmed ,pattaya for one last thrash..end of Feb..

    1. garrydirty
    2. Turk182


      some good prices then, half the price of december travel that's for sure


  10. Tentatively planning a trip with Albert aka gos ,looks like end of Feb 2016 is looking good

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    2. Captain Pugwash

      Captain Pugwash

      Well there's a recipe for disaster if ever there was one!

    3. terry


      Don't do it JCS,the guy is a psychopath.

    4. Mr. Bickle

      Mr. Bickle

      its true jcs,he's a bad influence on you!


  11. upgraded to one bedroom suite at LK Metro ,things are looking up,apart from having a stinking cold!!

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    2. jcs


      I think I am on the mend

    3. jcs


      But thanks for your concerns

    4. Turk182


      some of the lbs keep it on tap


  12. flight is now booked!!!!!(exclamation marks just for Bax)

    1. Bax


      LOL!!!!!! working on it myself.

  13. Whats the name of the LK Hotel just before LK metropole?

    1. Clem Fandango

      Clem Fandango

      LK Renaissance ?

    2. jcs


      yes I think it is, thanks

  14. Dates are fairly firm for a Valentines day arrival!!!

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    2. jcs
    3. wildrover


      You re-uniting with Albert for one last bash? Heaven forbid


    4. jcs


      No Albert this time


  15. Hotels seem very expensive LK met, 2300bht in Feb Most I have paid is 1800/2000 Areca lodge fully booked!!!

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    2. garrydirty


      same in Bangers was looking at a few today for end of my trip in March seem abit overpriced at mo

    3. Clem Fandango

      Clem Fandango

      Chinese New Year is Feb 19th - always a surge in hotel bookings around this time.

    4. jimbo34


      My neighbour has a 60 room hotel here in Patong, and is bemoaning the fact that his occupancy is running at 20%, and his room rates are 10% lower than last year. So just what LK Metro is up to, is beyond me (my choice of hotel too, by the way), and i can't see how Areca would fill all those rooms in febuary. Try their own website, or email them with a "sensible" offer.

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