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  1. It knocks me the fuck clean out so I think I will go with what works than listening to someone on a forum thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. dont know mate she charged me 300 for 10
  3. Go to the pox clinic on Soi Bukaew near the tin cup and Nid Chi House ,they will sell you sleepers like Valium or Xanax for 300 bht for 10 without a script ,got a couple last week Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Travellers stomach seems to happen to people who eat lots of processed rubbish at home and when they get raw food ( no preservatives and such ) they get ill , I used to eat all that crap then went on a raw food diet and shit like a mother fucker for a week , had sweats and all sorts , that was 7 years ago and only once have I had the god aweful shits and that was after making the mistake of eating a KFC in Pattaya when I was drunk as a cunt , it put me down for 3 days. When in Thailand now I eat and drink anything that the locals digest and never have an issue, as for drinking a coke it seems a bit far fetched but it may work for some people.
  5. I didnt get one but as I am a well known horrible cunt I am not surprised ,it does pay off being a cunt lol
  6. If you have a heavy luggage burden then no as it entails humping cases up and down steps plus a change to the the BTS then a hike from BTS station to Nana ,if only hand luggage then go for it as its a cheap option
  7. usual airline gouging between around 10th to 30th outbound , I have paid as little as £550 , one year I think 2014 paid as much as £900 to fly out Christmas week , its a matter of pay it or stay at home ,that simple
  8. good luck getting a taxi from the bus station , mostly you have to get a bike which is a twat with bags or get a baht Bus as a private hire , they will do you more than the bus fare has cost you to get to the hotel or from Sukhumwit to your hotel .
  9. there usually is like at the council house ,
  10. they are advertising £529 to Utapao from Manchester got email yesterday , considering the facilitys and the shit fest I had leaving from Utapao in Feb I will be giving it a swerve and going to Bangers next time up , got a fare for November on Etihad £396 , 15hrs out and 17hrs back
  11. new airport opened last week its stunning , pity the airline doesnt come up to the same standard
  12. I checked with Qatar for this trip and best price I could get was £500 from Man to BKK with the Pattaya option £40 more so have taken a chance on Oman Air , my mate flew them a month ago and said they were great with the added bonus of Muscat Airport being a lot smaller and less busy than the big 3 airports in the region , £385 each with journey tile of around 15hrs and only 2hr lay overs both ways , arrivnig and leaving great times , Man tonight leave 2045 arrive BKK 1800 and coming back leaving BKK 0915 arrive Man 1900, will report back in due course
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