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  1. Back home now. And then, depression sets in.

    1. stallion79


      Hope you had a great time in LoS while you were here. I enjoyed meeting you.

  2. I need a massage, a new suit and a taxi ride. Does anyone know where I can find these things?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. silentmoebius78


      Bkk Airport I guess..

    3. Rinzler


      The correct answer is: Anywhere in LOS. One more month until my return

    4. silentmoebius78


      I have to wait a little more then 2 months.. Have fun Rinzler!!

  3. Next Thailand trip is all booked and paid for. Going to celebrate my next birthday in style

    1. silentmoebius78


      Hopefuly there will no Buddha day before or after.. On my Bday, all bars closed at midnight, soo I had to celebrate the day before..

  4. Making plans for a birthday trip to Thailand

    1. FYE


      only way to celebrate, go for it !


    2. silentmoebius78


      Still a long time to go..

    3. icebergjr.


      I hope you make it(and I'll be there to celebrate with you)you were missed this year for sure!

  5. In case anyone reads this, I forgot one little thing. Before you can click on that button, you'll need to uncheck "Unable HTML" at the bottom of the screen
  6. Sorry. I can't find anything like that Maybe contact the other mod. If he hid it, he may know where it is
  7. You've gotta be a little more specific. I can't find any "snowman post" Where was your post?
  8. Sorry. I meant to reply to this thread earlier and it just slipped my mind. When you access your signature editor, click on the button here That should allow you to make your changes. If not, PM me and I'll help you out
  9. Enjoying my time in paradise

    1. soju2012


      Enjoying your report. Thanks :)

    2. outsider


      Any pics of this "paradise" What bar does she work? cock size? top/bottom? silicone or hormones? We need information... why is she not mentioned in your TR

    3. icebergjr.


      As well you should, Slim! 5555

  10. Two more days until wheels up

  11. One week from today is "wheels up!"

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    2. Rinzler


      Yeah? Well, this is my second trip this year. I was going to shoot for three, but it didn't happen. Only two trips this year. ha ha

    3. silentmoebius78


      Arghhh.. Damn Guys.. Would have loved to have a beer or two with you.. Up to now, I only have been for 1 week trips the past 2 years.. Now I am heading for almost 6 weeks.. I realy need a long vacation... Was a tough year.. I better wont mention how many trips I made this year... +555

    4. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      see you then asshole

  12. 30 days left until wheels up

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. icebergjr.


      Yes it will be, Rinz!

      See ya and Grifterman, and Bax! on the 30th!5555

    3. icebergjr.


      CIB here I come! 5555

    4. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Have a great one guys

  13. 90 more days until my next trip. Cant wait until the LBWVB tournament

    1. icebergjr.


      Me neither, see ya there!

    2. Captain Pugwash

      Captain Pugwash

      yourr and Ices trip should coincide with mine Rinzler. Hope to see you both!

    3. Rinzler


      I'm sure many BMs will be there for the LBWVB. I'll be in LOS Oct 28- Nov 11. See you there.

  14. Tickets paid for. Now I gotta wait 7 more months before wheels up

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. icebergjr.


      See ya in 7 months my friend!

    3. loverboy25


      hope to finally catch you on this trip

    4. Rinzler


      Oct 28-31 Bangkok

      Oct 31- Nov 6 Pattaya

      Nov 6 - 9 Phuket

      Nov 9 - 11 Bangkok


      Can't wait to see everyone

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