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  1. Where are you?

  2. Enjoy your holiday mate.   :Devil:

  3. Getting excited to be in Pattaya soon.

  4. XRP ...  "The Standard."    :Goldie:

  5. Relax Nancy ... like so so many others I have this Forum on ignore.
  6. I can not Edit my Signature with the Font, Emoticon etc etc etc menu, nor add pics. The Menu is transparent with nothing highlighted. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Wheels up 28th ... Ladies here I cum

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. LWFM


      The girls like a man in uniform Captain. :) I will need to change my attire me thinks. but Tuco has a great smile. :)

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      I think the girls will want to see you out of uniform, mate! 555

    4. LWFM


      Only with the lights off 555

  8. Try C Cleaner which is free to check ur Registry ... failing that by the time you fuck around it is quicker to try a Win 7 repair and if that fails to then to reformate and re-install everything.
  9. Have you tried a different Firewall? Also are you using 2 Firewalls ... ur modem Firewall may be on as well as ur software firewall ... conflict between the two.
  10. For a long time I was not able to navigate the site at all ... time outs ... pages not fully loading ... links not working. As I was using Firefox, I tried Chrome and Explorer to no avail. Very frustrating indeed. Reinstalled Firefox no good. Thought about a new install of Win7 but did not do so. Flash Player for YouTube was not working either and would lock up Firefox. I uninstalled Flash Player and reinstalled it. Now everything is working fine. I am not as PC smart as you guys but WTF, or was it coincidence.
  11. Thanks for the Birthday wishes,hope to cross paths in LOS one day.

    1. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Nice change of avatar LWFM ... It's more clearly "Tuco" now! .. As it happens i'm watching 'Good, Bad and the Ugly' this weekend... Tuco gets a bum rap in the movie IMHO. Him much more hansum that Clint or Mario .. Me lub him too mutt i think!

    2. LWFM


      Hi Jimmy ... Hope you have a good big LCD screen with eats and plenty of beer to take it all in ... loved it on the Big screen as a teen ... I think ol Tuco owned the movie ... natural actor like Rod Steiger ... don't love him too much remember you are queer and Not Gay. CHEERS and THX.

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Hey, I was freakin' amazed to learn on Wiki that Eli Wallach (who played Tuco) is still alive!! He turns 98 early next month .. Had always imagined he was Italian, but No - born in Brooklin NYC to Polish-Jewish parents. They made great movies when we were kids didn't they? ... but movies these days :(

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