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  1. Hi,

    J&P Court on Soi Lengkee.

    Do you now their prices, are beds soft, LB friendly etc.

    Thank you for helping.

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    2. Sandman


      How much did you pay for a room at the Vogue? A bar owner in Soi Chaiyapoom said that rooms are presently available at the Vogue for Baht 600 a night, bur rates shown online are more.

    3. snoop-dawg


      Thanks for the info about j & p. Hopefully they will be open again in November.

    4. LWFM


      Paid 31AUD with Agoda. Heard it is popular so was concerned about a walk-in. Their deluxe rooms were all booked out. Looked at P Plus on soi excite but there is now a loud music venue across the street and some rooms on YouTube look dirty.

      Looks like J&P are finally updating ... prices will higher no doubt for a while.

  2. Hallo.

    I just read your latest trip reprort. I am interested in the ladyboy with name "ping" in your report.

    Well, can i get your conatct details, please?

    I would also accept, as you would keep it private.....because we never met in real....we are just board-members here.


    Anyway....thanks for your effort with the nice report

    1. snoop-dawg


      Do you mean Patty? She works at Sweethearts.

    2. Pat Pilot

      Pat Pilot

      Yes......Patty.....that bikini foto in report is damned hot

  3. Two Thai girls asked me if I wanted to sleep with them. They said it would be like winning the Lottery. To be fair we did have six matching balls.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. icebergjr.
    3. penhp


      loved it very funny

    4. LordJim


      Think I had the bonus ball !!

  4. Anyone know what time the TT currency exchange outside 18 Coins on Soi Buakhao closes?

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    2. fenton


      24 hour currency exchange on Pattaya Klang on the same side as soi buakhao just a few metres before it, if you get stuck.

    3. snoop-dawg


      Thanks Fenton!

    4. Clem Fandango

      Clem Fandango

      2 x TT exchanges either side of Soi 8 are usually the last ones to close.

  5. Just been for my 6 montly blood & piss test. #playsafe

  6. TR finished and 3 months until my next trip. Seems a very long time!

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    2. stallion79


      About 4 months til my next trip... still hoping to meet you some day!

    3. icebergjr.


      If it makes you feel any better I've got 8 months :(

    4. snoop-dawg


      Uncle Jimbo I know, it's so sad! Stallion me too but it looks like our preferred vacation times don't overlap. :/

  7. Is anyone else getting occasional virus / trojan warnings? AVG is picking a few up now and again and I'm wondering whether it coincides with my visits here.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. kathoeyfan


      no warnings snoop

    3. SBK


      No AVG issues here, I'm using the paid version.

    4. SBK


      ooh while running firefox with no-script. How crap of a problemsolver am I?

  8. Is some dick rating all topics a single star? I've read quite a few threads recently with 1 single star vote.

  9. Is there any TS action in Hamburg?

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    2. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Good (current) info, snoop.. be careful!

    3. frenchl


      This site is pretty good for Germany. Not much in Hamburg it seems.


    4. snoop-dawg


      I found the street where the TS's hang out about 20 minutes before leaving for home. Reeperbahn is utter filth, so kept my dick in my pants.

  10. What's with all the Thai girls posting selfies of their faces covered in white paint?

    1. steveo941


      and Laos girls

      think its from Mondays Buda day

      but I may be wrong, cant be assed to ask one of them to confirm

    2. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      it seems to be the LB equivalent of the ice bucket challenge as they all keep nominating each other

    3. snoop-dawg
  11. Do I need to get LINE?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      It's great Jim, you'd love it. It's chat software for jabby dabby devices. I was using it on Saturday to chat to the LB sat 10 feet away in the bar :)

    3. jimbo34



      You couldn't get up, WALK, and actually converse then, Kendo?

      I think you'll soon be tlkin txt,lol,555 etc

    4. snoop-dawg


      Everyone keeps asking if I've got Line. I wasn't going to bother but if I can save walking 10ft a night that's over 200ft the course of a 3 week holiday! :]

  12. Do I need to get LINE?

  13. A big THANK YOU to bkkldby for helping me with some travel arrangements. It's amazing that a near complete stranger will help a guy out on the strength that they both like ladyboys. Amazing LBP!

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. bkkldby


      travis, you sayin' i'm old? 555


    3. Thompson Twins

      Thompson Twins

      But i only left Thursday 555 hope to be back soon buddy

    4. Dutch Cowboy

      Dutch Cowboy

      Happy planning Snoop!

  14. Just found out one of my work colleagues will be in Phuket same time as me. :/

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. snoop-dawg


      Actually when I get to LOS I just take off the stupid human suit! ;]

    3. Jazza01


      I had a mate from my local asking me where im going to stay and that he might want to catch up with me in patts :(

    4. snoop-dawg


      Hi VD, only just seen this. I didn't arrange to meet up with him - he was with his missus and we don't socialise anyway. To be honest I didn't give it a second thought, I was too busy having fun!

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