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  1. How’s it hanging LordJim?  It’s been quite sometime.  If I’m not mistaken your from New Zealand.  What’s life like for you and your beloved?  Cheers!

    1. LordJim


      All good Sir .....We are  safe in regard to Covid and  life is comfortable ....one lives a long life here in GodZone...... or at least it feels long as its so fucking boring .

      I long to be riding my Ducatti down Soi Chiapoon heading for a coffee at Canterbury Tales unless something catches my eye outside another venue  on the Street of Shame .



    2. Jay_man1989


      Glad to hear y’all are safe and well.  If you don’t already I recommend meditation. It’s an excellent way of finding a solid foundation in a world of constant change.

      Like you, I too, long for an atmosphere more my speed.  2021 is looking promising.

      I start a software engineering bootcamp this upcoming Monday so that I can take a high earning skill with me to Thailand once us fanboys can return.  

      Even though this year has been complete bollocks I’ve had time to get to know myself and come to enjoy this person.  Free from guilt, shame, judgement..  

      I disappeared for a bit because I wasn’t really all that comfortable in my own skin.  Now though, all is well.

      How have you kept yourself busy?  Is the weather favorable in your eyes currently?


    3. LordJim


      Well it sounds like you are getting and keeping your shit together Jay ....good luck with it all . Excellent idea to find some way of working whilst in Thailand if thats where your heart lies

      I am fortunate that I can continue my business from anywhere I have wiifi so I tend to follow the seasons ....NZ/ Thailand and UK . But this year I have just completed a NZ winter for the first time in years ..... Not much fun ....not as bad as a UK winter but Spring is here now and is very welcome 

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