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  1. just got £358 last week in peasant class for January ,flying on a sunday retuning on a sunday out of Manchester , cheapest January flight I got in years...roll on
  2. does the lady with the 44 dd fun bags still work there ?
  3. no wonder check inn bar and why not do so well ..set foot in there once for 2 minutes , downed my beer and left no tip, vote with your feet gentlemen
  4. seen her in a you tube video ..I dig it out
  5. try and get a room at the front , the back is coach park all hours off the day and night loading and unloading , chinese and indian tourists and of course they leave there engines running ...stay there once wasnt good , hopefully things have changed since then ..good luck
  6. WiLL be my 10 th flight with KLM this upcoming trip Manchester Amsterdam bkk lunch time fight arrive early morning , sick of all the flights into the desert with various airlines , now will only fly with KLM no matter what price , I had £333 or up to £600 , airport is good , food is good . always get a numb ass which ever airline you use ,so no biggie ...have a good trip
  7. after a long flight...its a no brainer straight to Bangkok...soi 10 hotel , meter taxi from the airport , takes the drama out of a late pattaya taxi driver , you will be in check inn bar by midnight..
  8. take a thai bird with you ...theres a good chance she will get it cheaper .
  9. flights from Manchester with klm drop on sept 6 mid week flight £343..before that date its stupid summer prices
  10. been through schipol 10 times already always top class for me ..but I am always in murphys bar with all the other piss heads
  11. just booked September to bankok from manchster with klm for £373....4 flights in total what a bargain , short stop=over times ..happy boy
  12. if the driver puts his foot down also so everybody is rocking in the back...hes in on it too,this gang has been working for years,100 baht fine is no deterent...if anybody gets up to give you their seat when you get on .refuse and wait for the next one ..simples
  13. One heads up guys ,the signs for transfer flights was poorly displayed as I got off Manchester flight,due to the refurb , so myself and maybe 6 other people following the crowds ended up in the wrong section , where we had to wait 20 minutes for security to take us back into the main airport and we all had to be re-security checked , all in all about 30 minutes ,no big deal ,schipol is great airport and beer and a smoke in murphy"s pub soon passes any lay -over time
  14. breezed through last month , no queues , though the airport is going through major refurb,you will have plenty of time to spare
  15. klm 432 from Manchester,,going next week
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