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  1. Good place for the grub guys, been eating here a lot the last week. It's on soi buakhao, opposite Treetown.


  3. There's a video on YouTube, the username is NDTVi and the vid is Farang street food Pattaya, ( I don't know how to put up the link), but anyway he gives this place a great review.
  4. Never ever again, just back from meeting a Brazilian Escort, absolutely fcking useless, total waste of 120 Euros, ( 5000 THB)

  5. Rambo - Sir !

    You made a comment about an older ladyboy called Noy. (Said her father was Brazilian )  I have tried to contact her through Thai Friendly, but she has not used her site in a long while. Do you have any contact details. Sorry to PM you, but our moderators have altered the site and I am now not too comfortable with it - Yet .

    Regards.   dannymurray 

    1. Rambo2201


      I sent you a PM Danny

  6. I booked about a month ago for February, BA via Heathrow, I checked the price of the my flight today and it's 100 Euros cheaper. My mate said it's something to do with if the seats aren't selling they bring the price down, as soon as they start filling the plane bring it back up again, apparently Ryanair are the masters of it.
  7. Rambo2201


    Ya no worries EB, that's exactly what I paid for them as well there, 400 for pack of 10
  8. Rambo2201


    Oh dear.....why did I bother
  9. Rambo2201


    Not looking to start a spat with you but I bought Xanax,( alprozolam), over the counter back in July, the clinic on ski buakhao across from Sugar Sugar a go go.
  10. I've often flown out at that time, immigration always runs a lot smoother at that time of night, nowhere anyway as chaotic as upon arriving into BKK. Saying that I personally would be at the airport for 12.30, two hours might be putting yourself under a bit of pressure.
  11. In the last week two ladyboys have specifically asked me to do them bareback, it mightn't sound a lot but its enough. Ok they were both drunk but I thankfully I wasn't. FFS keep your wits about you.
  12. Over the years I've picked up Gonorrehea, Herpes, and Chlamydia, all during my GG hunting days. Picked up Syphilis from a Brazilian tranny escort, never picked up anything,(yet), from a Thai Ladyboy would you believe.
  13. A couple of years ago a friend of mine, who's only into the GGs, returned home to find he had swollen lymph nodes on his neck, his doctor took a blood test and told him amongst a few other things he would be testing for HIV, my mate was shitting himself. Turned out he has non-Hodgkins Lymphomia, which is a relative of leukemia, cancer of the blood. This was a few years ago and thankfully he's doing well, but it could flare up anytime. I never said this to him but sometimes I think he would be better off if it had been HIV.
  14. Just passed the LK Mansion as you head for Pattaya Klang there's one there on the left.
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