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  1. Farmer Pat seems to working hard and as far as I can tell looking healthy!!



  2. Em & Rose Birthday Party - sat 23rd Feb - TJ's Bar, starts 8 pm

  3. Jimbo's 65th Birthday - weds 26th December at TJ's Bar

    1. snoop-dawg


      65th? And all the rest!!!

  4. Deedee's Birthday - TJ's Bar Saturday 15th December

  5. Recapturing Table 1, this Friday at TJ's Bar 21.00 hours

  6. Skool Night this saturday 20th Oct at TJ's

  7. ok josh, look forward to seeing you

  8. Will pop in tonight between 9 and 10


  9. Go to photo on computer.



    Save or Save as.

    If Save it will ask 'Replace?'

    Up to you. You confirm

    Or select  Save As

    Give image new name

    When posting make sure you select the saved and rotated image.


    You can do 'bulk' actions but that may require a Masterclass.


    Do one

    Do it right

    Move on

    1. jimbo34


      Lol, thanks S/w - i'll take a deep breath and try again!

  10. Bikini/birthday party will now be held Sat 30th June

  11. Bikini Party at TJ's Fri 22nd June

    1. Botafogo


      You seem to have one those virtually every night, at last an official announcement.....Lol.

    2. jimbo34


      The party's been put back to saturday 30th - for reasons i don't quite understand, but never mind - there'll be a few BMs in town that weekend.

  12. Noo's Birthday Party - Fri 1st June, starts 8 p.m.

  13. Welcome Party - thurs Oct 5th

  14. Would somebody please SHUT HIM THE FUCK UP !

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. jimbo34
    3. jimbo34


      FFS - now there's some russian Spam showing up!

      Kendooo.......hoover please !

    4. jimbo34


      Ah, well done Alex P. Nice neat hoovering, well done!

  15. Just used a "Like", and it seems my "quota" has been used up?!? WTF is going on?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      New feature: Every time you feel grumpy, you lose one of your daily "Like" quota

    3. outsider


      If thats the case, it may take Jimbo a few months off the forum to get a positive count back again

    4. kathoeyfan


      have that at times too. normally when running through the archive of older content

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