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  1. Farmer Pat seems to working hard and as far as I can tell looking healthy!!



  2. From my limited knowledge of IT it seems that the reliable performance of any website is affected in part by the bandwith available to it. One way of swallowing up that bandwidth is to load the website up with high resolution pictures. It also will greatly slow down the time each page takes to load on your computer I use a Canon G10 which typically records images between 4-5 MB. Totally impracticle to use pictures of this size for uploading to the internet or for attaching to an email. Many picture viewing programmes offer a resizing option but depending on the particular programme can be quite daunting to use. I have just come across a simple easy to use FREE JPEG resizer that enables me to reduce my pictures to a more friendly size for posting on LadyboysPattaya.com or for emailing to friends. The link is http://www.virtualzone.de/resizer/ Once downloaded and installed it is quite simple to use. When you open the programme for the first time you will see down the LH side a list of 4 options. 1) Files, 2) Size, 3) Output, 4) Resize. The programme does require you to make an initial setup but after selecting the options I have suggested below you will not have to make these settings again. Once the set up has been done all you will then have to do is load a picture(s) into option 1 and then you can go straIght to the resize option 4 and hey presto it is all done Initial Setup: Click on each of the following to make your initial selection. 1) Files; This enables you to chose the picture or pictures you wish to resize from the folder you have stored them in. Just click on the "Add File(s)" or "Add Folder" options and chose what to load. 2) Size; Check the "Specify Percentage of old Size" option and set it at 30% 3) Output; You will find the programme has already provided a folder in your C drive called "My JPEGs" for pictures to be stored in by default. Chose another folder if you wish. Check the "Keep filenames of source files" option. The last thing to do is check the "Change JPEG Compression Factor" option, set the slider below to 26 then chose the "Resampling Method" as Lanczos3(recommended). 4) Resize; Click this and the pictures you have chosen will be resized to your specified requirement and placed either in the default "My JPEGs" folder or the folder of your choosing. As already mentioned now you have completed the initial setup from now on you will only have to load your pictures into option 1 "Files" and then go straight to option 4 "Resize". Using the settings I have outlined above my 4-5MB photos are now resized to 200KB or less, still retaining good picture quality. This works for me but of course you can change any of the above settings to suite yourself.
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