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  1. Very true indeed Aprilbr. I've often considered the old fashion mouse trap in the pocket, to test their integrity 555.
  2. Just take your wallet with you, when you shower, towel over hand, holding wallet.
  3. I had the pretty girl Brilliant service, its actually quicker than the fast track ticket they used to give me.
  4. Yes I agree with you, the interior is very nice as well. But what about about a decent cup of Tea, most if not all fall flat on their faces in this regard.
  5. Can't go wrong with the Hideaway IMO, get a glass of nam pao as well, supposedly for cleansing the palate before drinking. I just hydrate. From Time to Time, Andy does promotions on the coffee in the mornings.
  6. I pop into one on Second Road (between soi 7 and 8). I like onion bhajis, a nice morish snack.
  7. I used Skyscanner a few years back, needed a flight quick etc. It lead me to bucket shop to buy a flight. I had problems with them, paid up and getting them to give me my ticket. Not Skyscanner's fault. It just didn't work well for me. I just book with the airline these days.
  8. fenton

    Heavy Rain

    Songkran is just under a fortnight away, so I expect some business owners are panicking. Its was quite bad by Tuk Com.
  9. Might I suggest Charcoal tablets instead :-)
  10. Crab is ok, but always pepare yourself, just the meat, not the dead men's fingers or any other wierd shit like the liver.
  11. Chuwi Can get them on gearbest. https://www.techradar.com/uk/reviews/teclast-f7-plus-laptop
  12. Yes, seen those screens at the Avenue McDonalds. I don't go near them for the same reason. Watch out for door handles on the bogs as well.
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