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  1. Long time no see. I hope you are all right. 

  2. Enjoy your holiday mate.   :Devil:

  3. FFS!! People are asleep behind their wheels and produce artificial trafficjams on an already hot day..

  4. After I had been continously told, my spelling is terrible, I have activated my spellcheck.. Hope the complainer are happy now..

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    2. silentmoebius78


      Damn, why can I not make corrections in Status updates.. I ment of cores mother tongue.. @Dave, can't do that.. 5555

    3. transgirls


      you could of donnit earlier. shure they're less mistake's now.


    4. silentmoebius78
  5. Have a new Motobike.. A true beauty..

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    2. 57Chevy



      Hope you have good earplugs mate.....

      Great bike, but loud

    3. silentmoebius78


      I am used to it, have also a KTM RC8.. :)

    4. TuanJym


      Nice bike . Ducati are sexy , I have a Multistrada in NZ and a Scrambler in Patt

  6. Lets make Car manufactores and Booz producers responcible for the lives they take with their products.. As one mentioned above, might had been good intended, but the exicution is a joke.. You can't make a provider of such platform lyable for the stuff his users post.. Period!! Where dose the policing of peoples lives start, and where dose it stop??
  7. Next flights booked.. Countdown reset to August..

  8. Good to have a choice.. Well deserved..

  9. Walking Street is like beating a dead hores.. Very much done with it. Won't barfine anyone there anymore..

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    2. silentmoebius78


      I am Ok.. Back in cold Europe now.. Hope to be back soon.. But my "love" (money)won't be exclusive for Pattaya anymore..

    3. garrydirty


      5555 going somewhere else ?

    4. silentmoebius78


      Depends how long, I can be in Thailand next time.. I should see more of the Kingdom then just Pattaya..

  10. You have to love BTS in rushhour.. Trains are to full and to short to handle the masses..

    1. kathoeyfan


      There's room for a few more cars. Hopefully they'll add them.

  11. 2 days 'til wheels up..

  12. Best for the job (Me), dose not get the job.. Wtf is wrong with those people.. And then they don't even have the gutts to defend their decission.. Wanker, all of them..

  13. Kilkee (Ireland) the end of the world... Litterly..

  14. Flights booked, be back on the 14th of Dec...

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