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  1. One I recomand to avoid is this one... OP is a few topics below.. www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/33356-this-one-is-lazy-and-can-cause-problems/
  2. They could make some serious money, if they would look into ashemales tube and most of the major pornsites.. Alot of GG and ladyboys there to fine.. on a serious note, this is just netpicking.. There is no image to be destroid.. Everyone onows what goes on in Thailand and the region.. Only certain parts of Thai society seems not to accept..
  3. Uploading it to an internetside, can be tricky.. First of all, the owner of the server gets your stuff, and secound, probably every service provider asks you in their terms of service to sighn over the copyright on the material.. No matter if you protect it with a password.. If you want to stow your stuff safely, set up your own server (with a firewall) at home, which you can access remotly.. That is the way, you can make sure, your content remains in your possession..
  4. I specified my point a few posts further down, mentioning GG Bars, me wanting to go for the eyecandy and always seeing them occupied already.. Happened to me many times in GoGo Bars.. In Ldb Bars I usualy get what I want..
  5. Yea, you have a point, it is busier, and it is sometimes better to have another 4 or 5 guys in the bar, just not to be in the center of attention of all girls.. Usualy the girls I seek in GG bars, are already occupied.. But I have to admit, I normaly go for the stunner, for the eyecandy..
  6. I have been in Pattaya for Christmas and New Year 2017/2018.. 1) the service at Emirates dose not get better, just by paying more for the ticket.. They rise the price, bc they know it is holidays and people accept to pay more, bc they sometimes have no other choice.. 2) There is more entitlement of the girls, they are pickier, and in many occasions ask for more money.. Hotelprices are also higher.. There as well, the service dose not get better.. 3) Town is full of competition.. To answer your question, if you are willing to compete more for the girls, pay more for your room and flights, and liking Pattaya fairly crowded, then go for it.. I am not cheap, but I do like to have a choice, this comming Christmas, I will rather stay at home..
  7. FFS!! People are asleep behind their wheels and produce artificial trafficjams on an already hot day..

  8. I stoped renting motobikes a couple of years ago.. As I started to read the small print.. In general, I do not drink and drive.. If a teelak would do so, I would might concider to switch of my mobile.. If you pay once, they always ask to get money for buying there way out of trouble..
  9. Big Brother is always watching, if not Google then Bing and Co.. Soo this thread is appearing on their search results..
  10. Yes I am, but left Germany 2004.. Was impossible for me at the time to find work in my profession.. Living in Switzerland since 2005 and love it!! Yes.. That is my home base..
  11. Nope... http://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/34552-british-airways-v-thai-airways/?p=979180
  12. OS is a NoGo for me since 2005.. They fu*ked me over pretty bad their maintenance hub for OS in Vienna.. First they straight out lied to me and then they fired me without further notice.. I never set foot on any OS property again, no matter how cheap the ticket is.. Sadly LX flys now at 5.55pm the 10.45pm flight was better.. You arrived in Bkk at 2pm.. Was perfect.. The 777 interior is just awful.. The A340 was already tough but the 777 is beating that one.. Seats are hard, IFE is lame and the food is also not the best.. LX gets only on Europe flights a go.. Best so far has been Cathey Pacific.. They set up a little mini Bar in the center galley, where you can fetch your regular snacks and drinks yourself, crew is very friendly and the seats are ok too.. Cheapest ticket I had with them to Bkk and back was 444 CHF.. Downside tho, you fly to HKG 13h (3h overlay inclueding saftycheck) and 2.5h back to Bkk..
  13. Ohh.. I forgot Oman Air + Turkish Air.. I fly from ZRH.. Not as big as Bkk, but TBH on of the best Airports I know.. In 2012 I did fly in through Manchester, bc I had to work in Conners Quai.. I have tried all of them, even FinnAir.. And always get back to Thai Airways, bc they outbound at a convenient time and it is the fastes way to get to LoS..
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