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  1. If we're so bad why aren't we banned?

    1. outsider


      what have you done this time?

    2. Finnbell's Persona
    3. Thaiman12


      Weather the storm.

      For good debate relies on intestinal fortitude. Though I'm not saying you're right, it's just good debate. :)


  2. That would make sense the guys a right prick. I liked him better when he was pretending to be Bricktop.
  3. Off topic 'Snowmen Cometh' Disappeared around the same time as my ode to Emily Blunt was removed
  4. Is there anyway to get a copy of hoovered content? That snowman post was an original composition and I'm rather proud of it but I forgot to save a copy. Alas I fear it has went the route of Clacton-On-Sea.
  5. Don't appreciate my gifts?

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    2. Finnbell's Persona

      Finnbell's Persona

      Yeah I always figured this for a picture book crowd

    3. Finnbell's Persona

      Finnbell's Persona

      People need to learn how to read between the lines

    4. Thaiman12


      I appreciate your gifts.

      Good debate is the vehicle by which enlightenment is achieved.

      Though, I should say, for better or worse.




  6. Just wondering if there are any provisions that would allow a bm to get his like max allotment increased without being an advance member? I would like to like more. Thanks.
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