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    Sex with Ladyboys , gulping down ladyboy sperm while jacking off and being fucked up the ass by another ladyboy.

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  1. A horny gorgeous non-P4P , could life get any better

    1. icebergjr.


      Well you could win the lottery!LOL but it sounds like you already have, good for you!


    2. LL Cool Dave

      LL Cool Dave

      She was gold Ice, got lucky. Most non-P4P are not good in the loom.

  2. 2nd night with the most beautiful ladyboy in LOS, no kidding, bloody drop dead gorgeous :)

  3. Please don’t piss down on me tonight , at least I have a brolly :)

  4. Oh such a sexy ladyboy mmmmmm, so sweet can eat her up yum yum

  5. Had a nice bit of sausage Tatar in Patt’s

  6. Happy cock sucking this Christmas

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    2. Jimmy_Lovepants


      There has been far too much rampant poofery on the forum this year. Updates like this don't help. Let's work hard together to butch up this thing of ours in 2017. :)

    3. LL Cool Dave

      LL Cool Dave

      Ok, how about xmas rimming to the carol singers at the door

    4. Jimmy_Lovepants


      ...Still too poofy!

  7. Happy cock sucking Christmast

  8. Lost the fire this trip.

  9. So hard not to make drunk promises to LB's

  10. It's all right, it's only a Forum

  11. Hooray For Ladyboys

    1. soju2012
    2. Finnbell's Persona

      Finnbell's Persona

      Yes they are the solution

  12. A little less hate, a little more humanity

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