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    Sex with Ladyboys and Ladies(not gay you know), perverting the course of injustice , putting far right trolls in thier place, making Australia truely multicultural again , gulping down ladyboy sperm while jacking off and being fucked up the ass by another ladyboy.

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  1. I know who I saw mate. Cheers edit: looked him up, he is a dental surgeon too lol. That’s the implant then .
  2. In Australia it will cost around 3000AUD per tooth, but I had mine done not long after the originals were taken out. The quality and depth of the bone are factors . You really want an orthodontist to do the assessments and inserts , dentist can fit the teeth. Australia is really good for these.
  3. Man Flu, almost life ending, drink a beer with some cement added, might harden you up.
  4. Sith, like alcohol addiction, the addiction is often a symptom of an addictive personality, running away from something . Most men who are addicted to porn and not having sex have problems with intimate relationships or been abused. Don’t blame the porn .
  5. Haha, Yes, porn can be addictive to certain addictive personalties , and to those who are afraid to get some. But in general it’s a good way to keep the pumps going and clear the pipes out, and reduce chances of prostate cancer. So keep wanking lol.
  6. If you are referring to the Arizona London Bridge scam, it wasn’t , the bridge was sinking into the Thames , and the guy who created Lake Havasu as a retirement village Keene exactly what bridge they were buying, and had great success from it. Look it up. Cheers
  7. You never catch anything from watching bareback porn, it’s 100% safe.
  8. Ok, tip for those with a thrombosed Hemorrhoid , use a bit of lub before you shit, calms them down.
  9. After a really long dehydrating flu I had what I thought was the worst hemmarrhoid attack ever, after 3weeks of it hurting all day and night, not just on the loo,I bit the bullet and went to the doctor as I thought from googling it might be an anal abscess , which could turn septic. And it was, doc gave me some drugs, and a few days later I could sit again. So if it hurts all the time, go to the doc.
  10. A horny gorgeous non-P4P , could life get any better

    1. icebergjr.


      Well you could win the lottery!LOL but it sounds like you already have, good for you!


    2. LL Cool Dave

      LL Cool Dave

      She was gold Ice, got lucky. Most non-P4P are not good in the loom.

  11. 2nd night with the most beautiful ladyboy in LOS, no kidding, bloody drop dead gorgeous :)

  12. Please don’t piss down on me tonight , at least I have a brolly :)

  13. Oh such a sexy ladyboy mmmmmm, so sweet can eat her up yum yum

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