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  1. Now, THAT, Good Sir; Is the first sign of Dementia. Thinking you are hearing what You, Good Sir are actually reading. Thus, struggling. Against what?
  2. Here's an interesting idea. Why not post an opinion that had nothing to do witt anything besides One's own experience? No b*llsh*t, tied to the usual Political Links. No "Old Boy" Networks. For we can see through THAT in an instance. Can't we? I must say, I find that so offensive. That B*llsh*t diatribe. Then the Forum might survive, eh? And not just remain a Mine for info.
  3. Segafredo Zanetti Espresso. Central Festival Shopping Centre Pattaya. It's down on the floor, when One exits Villa Market, on the left. G Floor. Proper Coffee, for Proper Folks. I know........
  4. Just an aside. I think you did, B/\.M. Duke.
  5. Yes, indeed, Good Sir. I feel I have just been "Blessed" with enlightenment. For those of you that missed it.
  6. Well, truth be told. I don't give a toss about you, except to say take good care of Yourself. Because if you don't, then I won't. Given what you have tabled. What I give a toss about is the unstable ladder surrounding the purporting of "Safety Nets". This is inherently flawed. How do I know this? Because it has always been so. Always.
  7. I dispute that. I think what you term as an "Extra Layer Of Protection" Has just been reduced to the only layer of "Protection" for B.M.s like you. Who, whilst espousing the aforementioned "Extra Layer". Are, it seems, not up with their posting, in terms of accurately typing what they are defending in the first place. Let me extrapolate. If One posts like a retard, then One would assume that said "retard" would NOT adhere to any, or all rules surrounding safe sex in Pattaya or LOS. Thus, all plans, duly tabled are moot. Let me explain why. It is not because this B.M. advocates what He/She is advocating. It is because those who follow after cannot be sure that He/ She held up their end. Thus this....."Extra Layer"? Really?
  8. Yes, of course. "Flying Rabbit"? Just go to the chemist and ask for that. "Jep Tong".
  9. Yes, of course. But, how about just "Jerking Off" Oh, right, One could just stay at home. Ok, how about this? Use Condoms.
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