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  1. Great time to be a Merkin

    1. icebergjr.



      For who?

    2. guiltydreamer


      Can't remember - had consumed a generous amount of wine before posting....

  2. As of today, all personals Ads have disappeared from CL Brisbane.
  3. Haven't changed mine for a while, but it used to be easy....? Anyway mate, we love you the way you are - no need for change!!!
  4. C'mon Jimmy, no more changes, we can barely keep up as it is.......
  5. Didn't you read the small print when you hit the "register" button.....??? Once your in, your in....no way back and no way out. If you do not start posting interesting comments and pics within 14 days of this request, your personal details and liking of Ladyboys will be published on the internet.
  6. It grants you the opportunity to get flamed and slagged off by the Platinum Class members as well as the cattle class.
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