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  1. The reality is s regular gp knows little or nothing about hormone replacement therapy and are loath to get involved with it because of lack of knowledge. Now a specialist in this field is a very different matter.
  2. All good Aussiemale agree with you wholeheartedly bar the protein bars. They are a con better off eating mars bars or Twix 5555 if your eating chocolate they taste way better
  3. Yes I think you would be fine with that. It may shut down but it does start reproducing your own testosterone again. Many bodybuilders would cycle on For 12 weeks and then cycle off again to allow the body to start producing its own testosterone again.many bodybuilders would go in PCT. post cycle therapy to encourage your body to start producing its own testosterone again. You won’t have to worry about any of that taking one shot of test a week for 4 weeks. Just make sure your source is reliable and trustworthy. Lots of fake stuff out there and hygienic when pinning.
  4. Think very carefully about going down the injection route. You will see great results no doubt but as soon as you stop injecting the results will stop. Your body will more then likely stop producing what ever testosterone you were producing naturally and you’ll be worse off than before. It’s a decision not to be taken lightly as there are consequences. Now taking it in such low doses as you would be taking it the consequences are a lot less then a bodybuilder but still they need to be factored into your decision making. Firstly taking sustanon once a week is not a great idea because of the shorter esthers which need to be injected every other day. Enthanate or Cypionate would be a better option as they have a longer ester so pinning once a week will be ok. Do your research before you go down this road and then do more RESEARCH. I’m not advising for or against thsts your decision ultimately but know what your getting yourself into before you finally commit.
  5. Mate test enthanate is a steroid exactly like test sustanon is. The only difference between enanthate and Sustanon is the ester length. Enanthate being a fairly long estered version of test, meaning it will require less frequent injections but take longer to ‘kick in’. Sustanon is a blend of esters ranging from fast to really long. It must be shot more frequently because of the shorter esters. What difference do you see between both as you seem to be implying sustanon is a steroid and sustanon is not. They are both steroids no difference apart from half life on both
  6. I have found that a doctor or pharmacist in Thailand will dispense a lot more medicine tablets antibiotics etc compared to pharmacists or doctors in Ireland. it may be different in the US. For instance anti depressants are sometimes dished out like smarties in the States. In Ireland a doctor is much slower to prescribe antidepressants if a patient presents with depression like symptoms will try other remedies first like exercise improving lifestyle trying to determine if really is clinical depression as opposed to someone feeling very down. So I guess depends where in the west one isftom
  7. Are you suggesting it’s confined to lbs only and not the rest of the thai population. Or is this your Observation because you only fraternize and mix with lbs. secondly are you suggesting It’s all lbs or just lbs who work as prostirutes. My observation and again its only anactodal from my own experiences is that all Thais not just lbs and not just those that work as prostitutes are much more likely to say they are sick and much quicker to look for medicine to get better. Any type of ailment and it’s must go to the pharmacy and get medicine for fix. We in the west are more likely to soldier on and take medicine if cold or flu like symptoms persist or get worse. I would suggest it’s a cultural thing and nothing to do with their work or lifestyle
  8. No direct flights from Ireland jackman you have to stop off somewhere
  9. How could you miss out on us Irish ☘️ salt of the earth we are
  10. Jim read the post in full 5555 he had an Irish coffee which includes whiskey a side of pancakes and an American breakfast that’s not bad at all for Bangkok
  11. Cheers is it on same side as Nana think I might have been in there for breakfast before and it was good is it unusually dark inside
  12. Competition Do you not pay them fir their services There is no competition per say and I actually prefer it when the bars are busy and there is a buzz or good vibe in a bar and everyone is having a good time. Empty bars are less enticing for me. There are plenty of girls to go around fir everyone
  13. If she buys a Thai sim with an internet package included she will b able to use her smart phone everywhere If she doesent she will probably turn off data roaming so doesent uncure big data download charges and she can use her smart phone in WiFi areas bars restaurants etc and your condo if you have WiFi
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