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  1. OK. Thanks for the answer. And thanks for the hard work. I was a mod once upon a time for a fairly tiny board, and even that was a huge PITA.
  2. It is not 'too hard' for me to do. I am just asking the admins why the feature is not enabled. It's a pretty common one, and I cannot imagine that it is a a big resource hog. I may be wrong. It may also be a choice that the mods have made for some philosophical reason. That is why I am asking. I'm not gonna get into which thread I am thinking of, I probably should not even have mentioned it at all.
  3. I got nothing against depraved sex between consenting beings. A little depravity is good for the soul IMO. I do have something against bigotry. I'd think this board in particular would be less than friendly to those intolerant of differences. But i'm not one to tell people they can't talk about what they want to talk about either. I'd just like to have the option enabled to not have to look at it. It's hard for me to see the controversy here.
  4. Well, I have been on some boards where one has to post in a thread before the ignore option is unlocked, (odd, but true) so I tried that here, and now unfortunately there is one thread which keeps popping up in my face all the time. It is a pretty vile and bigoted thread and I'd just as soon not have to be reminded of it all the time. I see enough vileness and bigotry elsewhere, not looking for it here.
  5. Yeah, but I'd rather be able to have the thread not turn up when I look for new content or look at threads I have posted in. It's a pretty common option, and I am pretty sure it is an available feature which is simply not currently enabled.
  6. Simple question. Maybe a complex answer. I don't know. I do know that the sister board Pattaya-Addicts has the option to ignore a thread. I am pretty sure both boards are using the same board software. I don't use the feature a lot, but when I do want to use it, I am very appreciative of it. Just my two setang, hoping to be able to ignore a thread.
  7. Get me out of Idaho! Idaho? NO! U da HO!

  8. 15 days until i leave for LOS!

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