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  1. Go to topic you want to search in and then click the search box and there is a drop down where you can click 'This Topic' Edit: Seems @Daedalus has already answered about same time as me
  2. AVG did an upgrade Monday night (Syd Aus time) and still had the problem yesterday, however, another update on Tuesday night has fixed the problem as logged in problem free a few minutes ago.
  3. As my browser is cleared each time I close it, I have to log in to LBP each day. For the last fortnight my AVG anti virus has blocked access when going to the log in screen (both Firefox and Chrome) due to Malware: Blacklist. I think it is a false positive as I checked a couple of Blacklist registers and the log in URL is not listed. To get around it I open up my AVG, click 'Web and Email" box then turn off Web Shield using 10 minute option (it will ask for confirmation) then I log in and immediately turn back on Web Shield so I am only unprotected for the few seconds it takes to log in.
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