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  1. The closure of the pakistani airspace continues at least until May 30th, 2019. Only one transit route in the south of Pakistan is available, while the usual routes from India remain closed.
  2. I did know about that service, but never intended to use it. Also I'd like to know if they still offer it after those changes at Swampy (website still saying so, but what meaning has a website...).
  3. It seems that the removal of Lt.-Gen. Hakparn AKA "Big Joke" had consequences for BFS and their Fast Track Service. If you check out their website you'll find this: "BFS Premium Airport Services provide “Premium Airport Pick Up Service” and we are unable to provide Fast Track to any passengers. Hence, Fast Track Coupons must be provided only by the airline. Passengers traveling in Economy Class and passengers not holding Fast Track Coupons are required to pass through regular immigration lane where our BFS Premium representatives shall escort you further. " So its no longer possible (with a biz class ticket because of the changes of last year) to buy fast track. If your airline doesn't hand out a voucher you'll be heading towards those long queues. BTW: The fast track vouchers were to be sold for 35 BHT each, will all know that the real price was a "little bit" higher. Guess were the difference went to.
  4. I just found a NOTAM on flightradar24.com saying that the airspace remains closed until March 4th, 8:00 UTC Anyway, my flight to BKK has been completely messed up by TG. Flight has been cancelled and so has my planned vacation.
  5. Thai Airways has made an agreement with the great leader in Beijing to use chinese airspace for flights into Europe. Since I wanted to fly tonight with TG 923 I'm already monitoring the inbound TG 922 bound for FRA. It left BKK with a huge delay of 100 mins and is at the moment just north of the chinese city Chengdu. Heading is straight north. Estimated flight time is 13 hours and 7 mins instead of the 12hrs25mins scheduled.
  6. This morning the airspace of Pakistan has been closed for all civil aviation until further notice. This does affect flights from Europe to BKK. Thai has already cancelled a bunch of flights scheduled for February 27th: <Quote from the TG website> Due to Pakistan airspace closure,Flight cancellations are as followsTG931/27Feb Paris-BangkokTG911/27Feb London-BangkokTG921/27Feb Frankfurt-BangkokTG941/27Feb Milan-BangkokTG945/27Feb Rome-BangkokTG971/27Feb Zurich-BangkokTG961/27Feb Stockholm-BangkokTG925/27Feb Munich-BangkokTG951/27Feb Copenhagen-BangkokTG341/TG342/27Feb Bangkok-Karachi v.v.TG345/TG346/27Feb Bangkok-Lahore v.v.TG349/TG350/27Feb Bangkok-Islamabad v.v.All flights from Bangkok to Europe departing near midnight of 27FEB through early 28 FEB have been cancelled.Further information will keep update </QUOTE> After rerouting southwards to avoid Pakistan massive delays are likely. If you plan to fly from Europe to/from BKK pls check out your airlines websites for news.
  7. For those who use GRAB here's some valuable (at least in my opinion) information: GRAB is sharing the data of your ride with the TAT, the Thai tourism authority. https://www.tatnews.org/2019/02/tat-announces-partnership-with-grab/ GRAB claims that the data shared with TAT is anonymous, but everybody knows that this isnt true.
  8. I use to drink Singha Light which now comes with 4.5% alc. They changed the alcohol content last year or so. Before it was lower in alc with just 3.5% alc. Another choice would be Tiger Light (also named Tiger Crystal) with 4.1% alc. I stay away from San Mig Light, since it causes me a bad headache next day, even when drinking just one bottle. May be they added some chemicals while removing a few of those calories, don't know.
  9. Just stumbled over an entry in Google Maps....... There's a new Fish&Chips shop named "Yorkshire Fish&Chips" in Soi Buakao / Tree Town. Has anybody ever eaten there? Pics are from Google Maps, taken most likely by the owner in September this year.
  10. I have never done it, but I would try avoid transferring at a chinese airport at any cost. After enjoying the 1-2-1 config from LAX to XMN, you'll find yourself squeezed into a narrowbody (737 or 320series) together with gazillions of screaming chinese...... Anyway, the minimum connection time in XMN is just 90 minutes, which seams pretty short to me, when taken into consideration that you have to pass thru immigration two times (inbound and outbound) and also pass thru customs. And yes, there may also be flight delays........ So Korea is surely the better option, but what about EVA Air? They have flights from LAX into TPE using 777s in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone layout Seatguru: EVA T7. Seat width 26"....... Seat pitch about 81", bed length 72".
  11. Southern Germany.... Hmmmmmm........ Then you might check out, if any of those flights out of Milan (Malpensa ( MXP)) could be an option. MXP has a much lower price level than Germany. Ryanair also flies to Bergamo (BGY) which is pretty close to Milan. There's a cheap public bus connecting those two airports. Thai is flying nonstop from MXP to BKK and of course the ME3 (with their stop in the big sand pit). Anyway, with economy fares so low, this procedure normally only makes sense if you either want to generate extra frequent flyer miles and/or you are flying in business.
  12. Thats true. But they have an acceptable connection outbound via Amsterdam and return via Vienna, as already mentioned. Another option for the outbound connection would be Heathrow. If you're living not too far away from the Dutch border, you may also consider flying out of AMS directly and make the transfer to Schiphol by train.
  13. Has anybody here recently flown in EVAs "Royal Laurel Class" into BKK? Just would like to know if they hand out fast track vouchers or if I have to book fast track with BFS.
  14. This is no joke. There are dedicated fast track queues for people holding chinese passports. Richard Barrow: Chinese immigration queue Bangkok Post: Chinese cancellations Thai Visa Forum: Red carpet for chinese
  15. The Chinese got that VIP-status after that boat accident at Phuket which killed 47 of them. Roughly 500,000 - 600,000 Chinese arrivals less then expected did lead to the decision to open up a dedicated queue for them. Beside having a bitter taste for all non-chinese, this can be an advantage. We all know, that especially Chinese have "slight" difficulties in filling out that bloody T.M.6 immigration form which leads to massive delays at immigration.
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