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  1. Depends on whether you will be in a city/urban area or more rural. For Cities T-Mobile has a tourist sim package with some limitations. Honestly, I would probably go to any Wal-Mart or Target stores a d they will have lots of prepaid options; including sims, prepaid actual phones or packages available for a purchased sim. It's such a pain in the ass for phones in the USA as it's contact based with most phones being locked to that network. Hope this helps, Teddy
  2. It's called Elite/Premium Economy class. I sat in this class when I flew over last November. Really good value for seat size and baggage allowance. I loved flying EVA air out of SFO. Teddy
  3. Much appreciate the info. I am looking forward to a better flight experience from my last one to Europe on United. Horrible that was. I will pop one of my happy pills for the flight and hopefully be out for most of it...and not a huge drinker anyways. U over in November? Teddy
  4. I fly with them in November out of SFO. Economy roundtrip ticket was under $700 USD in June! To be able to fly halfway around the world, roundtrip, for that kind of money is crazy. I have never flown with them before, I hope the service is somewhat agreeable. Roll on November! Teddy
  5. Was looking into flights and saw EVA Air had flights from late October with return in mid to late November for $694! Shit departure and return return times though. Teddy
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