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  1. Best thing about non direct flights is if you get sat to someone really annoying you know in six hours you’ll be sat next to someone else (probably equally annoying.)
  2. I flew back from Miami once and my case which had a padlock on was cracked open by customs. They put the note in but these could be easily photocopied.
  3. Nothing expensive ever goes in case and hand luggage always goes under seat.
  4. I had one take me to the airport yesterday. Grrwtvtrip. Felt very safe, fantastic car. 1200 all in. Won’t use anyone else. They always confirm and they’ve never been late.
  5. Single flyers always get moved. Happened to me on many trips so now I don’t bother pre booking. I do like the same seat on all four trips though but you can’t have everything g Qatar are good but emirates were way cheaper for me this trip.
  6. I was the same as you last year. Nightmare. Now I always book the longer stopover. A movie on the tablet makes the time fly by.
  7. I’ve been the last three Christmas holidays and although it’s a bit busier than I normally like it it’s good fun. Go.
  8. As above. It’s a Christmas thing. £400 difference between 23rd and 24th December. It tends to go up as said around the 12th. Pain in the arse. The flights can go up on Xmas eve too. I had to change my flight dates and my company paid because they cocked up the holidays. £300 extra. Christmas Eve flights are always packed.
  9. It’s actualky not as hard as you think. Using the mask and layers and it’s a fairly straight forward process.
  10. I didn’t go with them last summer and the queuing and the push ins and the people who couldn’t fill In a simple form correctly pretty much made me decide to use them from now on. I’d rather wait at the carousel than in a smelly queue.
  11. forum police alert. Time to go again. But before I do. Re read the great info he supplied in his second post.
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