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  1. Hurrah, we are live and updated. Oh, and the Neanderthal returns.

    1. jolski


      Long time, hope all is well

    2. GrifterMan


      Good to hear from you jolski. Mostly occupied with work, what else? Hope things are good on your end. What part of the world are you in these days?

  2. Summertime w/o LOS... *sigh*

    1. Clem Fandango

      Clem Fandango

      When's your next trip ?

    2. Rinzler


      Tell me about it.

  3. Up to my ass in snow and missing LOS...

  4. Last day in Bangkok

    1. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Sorry i missed u G-Man ... Safe trip home.

    2. Thompson Twins
  5. Time for an avatar change I think!

    1. lovelblovebj


      What a likeness lol

    2. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Looks like me every monday morning!

  6. Feeling lucky I have what I have in life.

    1. icebergjr.


      Me too,GM great update. :)

  7. Made Japanese curry tonight... NOM NOM!

  8. Nope. I was wrong- it's not going fast enough!

  9. Thinking getting older has its benefits... namely just how fast the next four months are going to fly by in anticipation of my Thailand trip late October.

  10. Booked for Oct 28th Bangkok ARR until Nov 6th

    1. Vasilli


      You arrive the same day as I do but got to get this next trip done with lol .


    2. GrifterMan


      What's your itinerary Vasilli?

  11. Job Hunting...

    1. Vic Flange

      Vic Flange

      Don't take anything less than 1000 ST.

    2. GrifterMan


      You would know Vic!

    3. kathoeyfan


      respectfully disagree with Vic. take what you can get ;)

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