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  1. So Duke , you had a drink of Soda that night lol . Good seeing you again buddy and next time I promise not to be wearing my full face mask 555555555 . Glad that you did not find where it finished so you could have pulled it off as I know that you wanted to do it so much 55555 . Cheers buddy Vasilli
  2. And why would one need to fast track through immigrations at this time of the year as there is hardly anyone waiting to go through . Total wait if there is a wait should only be 10 minutes max .
  3. Yes buddy our dates did not line up this year but I will be back in about 10 weeks but by then you would have left . Oh well I guess that there is next year . Have a good one buddy . Vasilli
  4. Ahh you know me too well Chica . Cant wait to catch up with you lot again . Vasilli
  5. Hey you youngsters I am in my late 60's and a black ant per day gets me 2 ( on average ) but sometimes 3 good rides per day whilst in the playground . I do not drink a lot of alcohol whilst there and don't drink at all whilst at home . My eating habits whilst at home consist of eating a lot of vegetables and very little meat but whilst in LOS I do tend to eat a bit of pork . I say the above as we are not all the same and what works for some may not work for others so find out what works best for you and stick to it . Age is only a number and if you let that number defeat you then you are doomed so just keep firing on all 8 cylinders and all should be fine . Just my slant on this subject . Vasilli
  6. Traffic lights are a mere suggestion I would say . Vasilli
  7. Is that a new name for the bed that you get tied too
  8. Hey Tony , let me know if the food is as good as the Tikka as I love the curries there and eat there quiet often . Cheers Vasilli
  9. Install VLC and all should be good .
  10. It sucks being back home after a great holiday in Pattaya once again :(

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Captain Pugwash

      Captain Pugwash

      Well at least you got to go back to LOS! I had to cancel Nov. next time...

    3. Vasilli


      There will be a next time buddy :)

    4. Kathoey_Hunter
  11. 4 hours to Wheels up , who is excited ? See you lot tomorrow :)

    1. LordBoy


      Have fun Vasilli, well deserved vacations once more ;)

    2. icebergjr.


      See ya on friday buddy!Drinks when TerryBB arrives?

    3. garrydirty


      have a good one mate

  12. Windows 10 is in the trial stage and my computer man has it up and running on his laptop and gave me a go with it . Very easy to navigate and is so much easier than 8 is . Happy days ahead guys . Vasilli
  13. Tomorrow is the begining of October and that only means 1 thing ..... Wheels up this month and I can't wait .

    1. Spike69


      Can't wait to have u back mate :-)

    2. ForWhat


      4 weeks today buddy :)

    3. Vasilli


      @ MP it wont come quick enough pal .

      @ Spike looking forward to having a drink with you again and the TEA is already packed .

  14. Petesie , my girl sells phones in Tukcom and she has told me that the one she wants and is buying herself is 31,000 baht so I presume that it will be the big one . The arrive in 2 weeks so she told me .
  15. Fuck them , just give them a 20 baht tip and all is well . The price for short time room is 280 so just hand over 300 baht and they are ok .
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