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  1. This topic should have been started in the "Events and party section" under the sub forum "What's going on & who is coming to town" Have a look there and you can see who has announced they will be in town the same time as you Spaceman1977
  2. Honestly I am still not sure whether discovering LOS was the best or worst thing to ever happen to me 555

  3. Here we are back to reality :(

    1. ForWhat


      Sure does suck buddy, being out for best part of a month doesn't help.

    2. silentmoebius78


      Year realy sucks.. Its like comming down from a drug and getting sober again.. Always the same..

  4. 2 Weeks to go before LOS lads :-)

    1. steveo941
    2. ForWhat


      This time in 2 weeks we all be in cib and most likely mortal by now.................bring it on!

    3. icebergjr.


      Yes, we will ForWhat and it will be fuckin' crazy! See ya then boys!

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