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  1. Always great reading and this particular person's posts are the ones I look forward to the most. 

    1. dixon cox

      dixon cox

      That's a very kind thing to say and much appreciated, thank you! :)

    2. jeje


      My pleasure Dixon. I hope that I do meet you one day for a chat and a drink.  At present I am dealing with skin cancer problems here in Australia after 60 years in the aussie sun but I see from your posts that you are a regular at 69 bar killer pool. Until then keep up the good work.  John. 

  2. Thought I had crabs but it was only an ant. It's dead now.

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      Killl them all Q :-)

    3. aussiemale


      a soi 6 disease mate ?


    4. dixon cox

      dixon cox

      Late afternoon tea & biscuits down Soi6/1.

  3. Reluctant to make my 1,000th post. Either it's a mental barrier, a sign of not giving a shit, or a subliminal message.

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    2. steveo941


      please don't, I don't have a spare two hours to read it. 5555

    3. dixon cox

      dixon cox

      Haha! Thanks lads for the comments. Got it out of the way after a good night at Sensations :)

    4. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      I was sort of hoping for something more spectacular for 1000...I think I just heard a hoover powering up. :)

  4. I find fingering my nuts very therapeutic.

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    2. garrydirty


      cheap for him to finger his own nuts I suppose LOL

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      well they're like worry or stress beads aren't they... modern life can be stressful

    4. steveo941


      I find roasted ones are the best, as I don't like the salt on my fingers

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