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  1. Soi 5 Pratumnak Stephen. Started as a single fronted place and has now doubled in size due to popularity. Next door to an Italian restaurant.
  2. Yes. Soi 5 Pratumnak and it's next to an Italian restaurant. The next cross street is in the Kinnaree area mate.
  3. Lord Jim I often eat up your neck of the woods in that restaurant on Soi 5. The one that has doubled in size since it opened. Never had a bad meal mate.
  4. Bet it's good if you like it mate, but Lygon Street or Pellegrinis would be your go to place for coffee back home wouldn't it? Maybe for special occasions as it's not exactly around the corner I suppose.
  5. The 2 Nicks" from NDTVi Pattaya both gave this restaurant the thumbs up for the meal itself and also for being very good value. I cannot remember which vlog it was but I think a 3 course meal was about 200 baht from memory.
  6. I wish I could lose 18 lbs but not that way.
  7. I feel sorry for you mate. You would think that you would be safe eating from there but you never can tell. Years ago a 36 year old Swede died in Pattaya after eating an oyster. I always eat farang food at I rovers in LK Metro, or retox Soi Lengkee and touchwood, haven't had a problem. Get well soon my friend.
  8. Jeez they'd want to be top notch at that price tbh. Double what I'd consider paying.
  9. My best friend who lives at Cosy Beach in a 78 square metre apartment had his rent lowered this year believe it or not just to keep him there. Buyers and renters market it would seem.
  10. Just read on pattaya one that a German has been caught stealing bags from the carousel at Suvarnabhumi airport and admitted to have been doing it for ages. He sold the contents for his thai lifestyle. You just cannot trust anyone nowadays it seems.
  11. I've just come from what they looked like before they were ladyboys thread. Some weren't much better looking than Geoff to be honest 555.
  12. Both meals looked absolutely delicious on this vlog by Geoff Carter and a great price also. Poor old Geoff looked a bit dishevelled though. Can anyone help with a razor? Where's Colywob when you need him I say 555.
  13. I arrive January 25 mate and i intend to have those absolutely delicious looking ribs for Australia day. Oops I mean invasion day 555.
  14. I saw big Nick from ndtvi vlog have a panang chicken curry there and pay more than i pay here in Australia. At least he said it was very good and tasty but big Nick could eat the crutch of an Afghans underpants and give it a good thumbs up imo 555. He's got an appetite that bloke for sure.
  15. Just hope that this helps a bit Agent Steel. There was a similar story maybe 12 months ago and a locked steel cash tin inside your room safe is the way to go. The thief would probably bail at stealing that and staff would most likely seek more easy prey. (Your money).
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