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  1. yipee yay yay 2 more months before take-of!! hoorah!!

  2. Damn it's hot here in Melbourne, tomoorow will be the 5th day over C41 degrees, setting a new heat wave record.

    1. jimbo34


      A good day to play tennis then.

    2. leunig


      Adelaide was 46

    3. ForWhat


      Well it was a delightful 4 today here in the beautiful south of England.

  3. Travellers cheques are ordered, heavenat4 in Bangkok is booked, organising my dental visits....excitement settling in

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    2. Clem Fandango

      Clem Fandango

      Insured, less fees than an ATM and a marginally higher exchange rate...another fan here !

    3. garrydirty


      take abit of both cash, mostly TC and abit on a top-up credit(MasterCard) covers all

    4. Clem Fandango

      Clem Fandango

      Do those top-up CCs get charged the 150 Baht fee as well ?

  4. Flight is booked, tickets get picked up tomorrow...hip hip fucking hooray...;)

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    2. aussiemale


      12:15 am on the 16th actually Garry, $360 cheaper than leaving on the 17th which is good Friday eve

    3. garrydirty
    4. icebergjr.


      Well when you arrive it will definitely be a "good Friday" for you! LOL


  5. Yahooo!!! it's the 17th of the moth ...only 4 more torturous months to go before take of

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    2. icebergjr.


      Get a room, you two lovebirds!5555

    3. Vasilli


      Not with that smart cunt Ice .

    4. aussiemale


      another nice one Vas, keep going

  6. it almost forgot it's the 17th of the month again, and you know what that means, 5 months to go before TAKE OFF!!!!!!

  7. 17th of the month again...have hit the half way math of the 12 month count down...excitement slowly starting to sink in

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    2. yumyum


      157 days for me, doh!!

    3. garrydirty


      soon come, but putting yourself through it eh?

    4. danthepoolman


      You'll get there mate! Hang in there.....

  8. Wekk felow Bms it's the 17th of the month again, which mean there is 7 more long months to go before take of. The good news is that I got back a better than expected tax return, enough to pay the air fare and almost enough to pay for all accomodation...very happy here.

  9. Well gents it's the 17th of the month again...and that means 8 more months to gooooooooo

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    2. garrydirty


      Aussieman doing it monthly? 555

    3. aussiemale


      Thnx Ice it'll pass quick...I hope...lol Vas...Ice's comment was a lot different to what yours was, and keep the rest of them to yourself..no Garry I mean I have 8 more months to go before I get there...oh it's tortutous counting down the months...lol

    4. garrydirty


      yeah that's what I mean by monthly counting it down 55555...like 17th each month LOL

  10. Well it's the 17th of the month again, which means there are only 9 more months to go before take of...;)

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    2. Bax



    3. garrydirty
    4. E382


      Only 9 months!? I couldn't stand waiting that long. Guess the relief must be great after such a long wait.

  11. Well it's the 17th of June...which leaves another 10 months before taking of to LOS again

    1. Vasilli


      How the fuck do you last that long ? You are a better man than me lol . I need my fix every 3 months .

    2. aussiemale


      Vasilli....how do the FUCK do I last that long ? It's simple I have too. sorry that I am not as rich and well of as yourself or without commitments, and that I don't come here and brag that I can get to LOS every 3 months.


  12. a month down...11 months to go before hitting LOS again

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    2. SBK


      Its only been 2 weeks for me, today.

      It feels like a fucking lifetime.

    3. SBK


      I'm torn. Almost pulled the trigger on my 35th bday next month, but thinking of doing November/December and Songkran next year again. Karn and Bee, both are out of my paygrade now - the girls seem to be minting money.

    4. Rinzler


      11 more months?

      That makes me feel better about my 8 more months

  13. And so the 12 month countdown begins..12 months before I land again

    1. vinee1


      You probably need the next 12 months to rest those clinkers

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