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  1. Mate I use to live in Lygon st, 8 days a week, was home away from home. Then they all started killing each other of, I thought I'd give it a miss for a few years.
  2. Yes Benjamit makes a great coffee, very thankful for Solice showing me the place.
  3. https://news.lovepattayathailand.com/video/pattaya-under-water-two-hours-heavy-rain/?fbclid=IwAR0I0YtkBQ1alY_Lps-ZQR3cBWFLWPT6pOx2MlLu1ZnJ2a8AmU1yvPEJBNQ
  4. Maybe Trump owns this pageant as well and rigged USA to win it.
  5. Seriously Miss USA beats Miss Thailand ? how the fuck does that work, Thailand is absolutely stunning compared to lard arse mouthy USA, even Vietnam was lovely
  6. https://news.lovepattayathailand.com/property/pattaya-in-grips-of-condo-oversupply/?fbclid=IwAR1dNt7N008WmANtHEL36D5UJAtsjH4nK8q8BRLPUqQJ3xtilUVQchvPPpk
  7. Ye I've been doing that for the last 5 weeks, since I had a septoplasty, I'm still at the healing stage, but the flushing does make a difference and will continue doing it.
  8. Those burger prices are dearer than back home.
  9. https://lovepattayathailand.com/attracts-5-star-hotels-pattaya/?fbclid=IwAR08eJbs6ZDceXoPyIjThmDHa-_kKQ08jnsyjJuePXtRDWgOV-C9fNG0XCI
  10. Yep always use Nam since Andy's recommendation, will be using her services again soon
  11. I'm hanging out to try one of these meals, gonna have one on the day that I get there, in just over 3 months...long bloody wait.
  12. Between eating Thai food and Indian food, your arse would explode wouldn't it, with both being highly spicy ?
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