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  1. Ready to go to the airport. Looking forward to visit Temptations and Check In Bar Tomorrow!

    1. icebergjr.


      Have fun at Check in Bar! you lucky dawg!5555

    2. E382


      Bit late to see your comment, but thanks for that,

      and yes it was great fun!

  2. I'm ready to go to the airport. And so it starts... again!

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    2. Vasilli


      only 5 more sleeps now but who is counting lol .

    3. Vasilli


      Down to hours 108 to be exact . the excitement is starting to build .

    4. E382


      At the airport. Going home again. It's been great and I have never seen such a great offer of ladyboys. I'm planning on winning the lottery next and sampling them all!

  3. do you have a LB phone number for me in pattaya?

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