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  1. In general: check some consolidators or meta-search-engines. If possible, don't fly on Friday/Saturday from FRA and don't return from BKK on Friday/Saturday - Tuesdays/Wednesdays are often cheaper. Around that time, a lot of people also try to get away from carnival, but carnival peak season (Weiberfastnacht) starts 2019 on Feb 28th, so that shouldn't bother you too much. I just tested on Momondo for Eco, Feb. 12 -26: Oman Air with acceptable stop in Seeb: 431 € Thai Air direct flights: 600€
  2. IMHO, that's THE big plus for the big players! And it has not to be Nakorn Nowhere ... I had that once in Chiangrai - car didn't start in the morning, within 20 minutes, the Budget guys showed up, fumbling around in the motor and replacing the battery, didn't work, but brought in a replacement car within 1 hour. -> Tour plan saved !
  3. You can also book at Avis (Dusit hotel) and ThaiRentACar (Hard Rock hotel) on short notice, as long as you don't require a special car. Have done it myself at ThaiRentACar, however, you might have to wait 30 minutes, as they often transfer the car from somewhere outside. In high season, an advance booking is of advantage, because if you are unlucky, all cars might be rented out already... in low or mid season absolutely no problem. (By the way, the same might hold true in Chiangmai, especially at the weekend in the cold season, when the Bangkok Thai fly up north in droves and think, they will loose face, if they board a Red Car-Songtaeuw.)
  4. I would question these statements. For taking HIV medication, at first they would have to be aware of their status. As stated before, many girls don't do blood tests, because they are "afraid"- or "I'm clean" or "me lazy". The free HiV medication -at least that one sponsored by government- they'll get only in their hometown. A major problem is also that they have to change their lifestyle, because an effective Post-exposure-therapy requires to keep a strict schedule (not to talk about throwing up after binge drinking etc...) Free PrEP is available from some NGOs. However, I would be astonished, if a higher percentage would take it. I talked with several "service providers" about PreP and they were not even aware, something like that existed. It is not necessarily Thai style to think about (and draw conclusions from it) what comes tomorrow...
  5. ... and some people believe in Santa Claus.
  6. You are joking, aren't you? Any link for that?
  7. I learned in another forum, it's not about BFS, but about AoT and Immigration, who do not offer this service anymore to non-bizclass-passengers.
  8. My first few months, I staid in Pattaya, I also moved around a lot, to get a feeling for different locations (also not bad to check a condo building, before committing for longer), staying in several apartments and rooms booked via Agoda and AirBnB - I had at that time a Nonimmigrant O-M visa. A workaround for you might be a serviced apartment, issuing you a letter with something like: "Mr. Flamesfan7 has rented our apartment 1234, he is staying in our house since 07/29/2018." Even, if it is only for a month, they are stating the truth, only leaving out the end date.
  9. First of all: the cheapest way is, to do it by yourself. (I only use a -relatively- cheap agent here in CM to reduce queuing time, which isn't a problem in Jomtien). There are 3 types of "Non-Immigrant-O" for "tourists" over 50: S aka Simple, gives you 90 days once, only valid for 1 entry ! M aka Multiple, gives you 90 days each for a duration of 365 days A aka Approved, because they check additional requirements - that's the colloquial named Retirement Visa, but in official Thai speak an " Extension of Stay", allowing you to stay 365 days. Type O-S and O-M have lower income requirements and as far as I am informed, you can only apply for them in your home country. For O-A, you can apply in your home country, as well as in Thailand. I also came first to Thailand based on an O-M, which I replaced after 1 year with an O-A. I had also the assumption that you had to have first a O-S or O-M from your Thai embassy at home, before getting an O-A, but it seems, now even a 30-day visa exemption is sufficient. I would recommend to check with the Thaivisa.com forum - as usual, a lot of trolls, but the infos from moderator UbonJoe are reliable. For the proof of income, get some supporting papers and go to one of your embassies /consulates in Thailand - it should be daily business for them, however - that letter might be more expensive than the visa 555. 5000$ is more than enough, you only need 65000 baht monthly. (It might even be worthwhile considering to state a lower amount than 5000$, at least, that was the recommendation of one of the consuls.) When coming first to Thailand, I had a federal police background check (expensive and requires 6 weeks 555) and a health certificate: on my 3rd O-A now, and I was never asked for one of those in Jomtien and Chiang Mai. However, one thing often not mentioned: Immigration will ask for some evidence of your stay. A " housebook" you won't most likely not have, so have a longterm rental contract at hand (hotel confirmations are often rejected). And make sure, your landlord has notified immigration of your stay -at least here in Chiang Mai, they are really keen on that, having a screen shot or copy helps to shorten the process. (Google TM.28) Worth considering is a "Multiple Entry Permit" directly when applying for O-A, because otherwise your O-A gets invalid, if you make trips abroad! Expensive, AFAIR 1800 baht, but gives you peace of mind. (However, you can also buy a single reentry permit, at immigration, when leaving via Suvarnabhumi airport). There is a shop outside of Jomtien Immigration, where you can get copies of your papers and passport photos. Depending on the immigration office, you will need 2 or 3 copies of all papers. Each copy page needs your signature. And 2 or 3 passport photos. Make also copies of your arrival card and your rental contract. If you pickup your new visa, ask for a "Certificate of Stay" at immigration - most banks are asking for that. If you are staying longer than 90 days, consider getting a Thai Driving Licence, because your International DL gets invalid!
  10. Sorry, typo - should read: Transferring to Dusseldorf
  11. AFAIK, Oman is constantly offering the best rates, albeit with terrible stopover times. I would suggest to check the portal sites to compare prices. From Staralliance, Austrian and Swiss are often also offering rates far below LH and Thai, with a really short stopover in the efficient and relatively small airports VIE and ZUR, increasing the flight times of a direct flight by just 1 - 1.5 hours. Another direct flight, albeit not so convenient from Mannheim, is with Eurowings from Cologne (they are in the process of transferring of Dusseldorf), easily reachable by rail with InterCity. Relatively cheap, but expect a RyanAir-style service.
  12. I wouldn't necessarily assume stupidity- more likely: intention.There are a lot of people interested to keep it as it is and still make money with busses, vans and taxis. Reminds me somewhat of MapTaPhut a few years ago: Nice deep water pier. However, a pilot was obligatory to sail in the coastal waters... Unfortunately, a pilot was NEVER available for the ships to MapTaPhut, so they had to unload in Laem Chabang - then all had to be transported on the road in tank containers to Rayong ...
  13. Those guys seem to be successful with their scams - otherwise they wouldn't be trying it again and again ... However, I'm always asking myself: if something like that would happen in London, Paris, Berlin, Sydney... How would the same people react then? Most likely, I would tell him to leave me alone and go to hell. So, why are some people behaving different, when in Thailand???
  14. That seems to be more a question of Bayer rebranding its Aspirin. However, Acetylsalicyl-acid generica from other brands are still available. Just bought some last week in a pharmacy.
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