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  1. Question: what's the difference between thread with a dot aside and one with the star? good to see you hit on the star or the dot and go to last read page.
  2. wondering why mr T. doesn’t apply same rule to the gun and ammunition’s providers. Isn’t it the same?
  3. breach of privacy? Ehmmm let me see...I have been ignored by 100 people (fiction example, hopefully) and this appears aside my nick. Wow...how bad it is Mr Scottiem1954 gets this public whipping?... Will this diminish my status in the real world community? I don't think so unless I have made my people aware of who is scottiem1954 Will this undermine my status in the LB lover circle, the few who know,mix they know, who I am? Those who know might already have set me aside and spoke bad about me as it is clear I am no nice guy.... Last scenario: I take who to court (which court?) claiming dsmages and compensation as my nick (and that only) is associate to 100 ignores... More a case for a psychiatric clinic than a court for breach of privacy.
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