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  1. Never took a taxi in pattaya, it is same as samui, meter is never used. baht bus in Pattaya suffices for my movements around. I don’t trust moto taxi safety. Long hail to bkk is thru nam taxi.
  2. Do they shave their legs? 555
  3. i often checked in my bkk hotel (majest Grande ) at 7am (with no extra cost) if the room is ready. If not ready yet, I had to wait til 8.30 as housekeeping shift starts at 8am and they need half an hour to make the room ready from scratch. only if the hotel is fully booked and your assigned room is occupied you need to wait till check out time at 12nkin so the guest vacates the room. In some cases i got a free upgrade to be accommodated on arrival, if one arrives in the middle of the night (4-7am) better pay from night before and get your room on the spot when you arrive, just prevent the hotel of your very late arrival, so they are aware you are not a no show.
  4. That's the reason why I will never take those APP induced services. Insurance, having said that, I am wondering whether the many taxi services (Mr T, Nam, to name a couple but there are surely a dozen in pattaya only) serving the pattaya <---> Bangkok route, have some sort of licence. they have websites, email proofs, advertising with car plates etc. Can they be "so illegal"?
  5. I refuse a taxi if not using the meter also in town. You might reject a fee, but won't take long before one drops the flag to have it running. Then you tell him to start. In some cases i round their offer to my knowledge of fair fare as at the most they will get from me +20/40 bahts to what would be the metered fare. up to them to accept or not.
  6. By law they surely have to have a meter and even the roof sign "metered taxi" but, hey... TIT
  7. Thai airways did not have flying rights over the Gulf and China areas en route to and from Europe. So on day 1 they could not re-route due to short notice, hence all flights cancelled and planes grounded.
  8. I know it is a 13 months old post, but do you think the cops are not aware of that goes on in their territory? you might object a Thai cop can be easily spotted, but they have many ways to go around this if and whenever they want...
  9. EK 209 serves the route DXB ATH EWR, this is why they use the 380. it actually is the only direct flight from the Greek capital to NYC.
  10. Efficient service, ahead of time if hotel pick up, number plate and driver pictures will reach you by email or WA, spot on cars, reliable drivers, mindful driving. A bit above average prices but who cares for a 2/300 baht more?
  11. Does Etihad provides free limo to Pattaya? Emirates don’t include Pattaya in the free limo service provided to J class passengers. I think pattaya comes for a charge of 5000 or so. no way
  12. How can you reasonably think to go to LHR from Germany, pay eurotunnel, add many traveling hours, add 30’ flying time, when you do not want to take a one stop over flight?
  13. Demand and supply, my friend. Lots of german flying to LOS for the winter holidays. baggage allowance might vary by airline not really by country. Some airlines are generous as they know their own countrymen fly with lots of stuff. By increasing the allowance they reduce the check in hassles and begging. Plus they attract more customers.
  14. It’s an airline trick to inflate the taxes, travel agent commissions are paid on the airfare. They artificially make it lower to pay the commission on that.
  15. Depend. Some hotels can put an hold on the debit card to block an amount with no charge, some can't i know as I use a debit card from the bank under the visa circuit. I never understood how it works.
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