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  1. Back again. :)

    1. Thompson Twins

      Thompson Twins

      Nice to see you back bro

    2. icebergjr.


      Welcome back!


  2. I will have to rethink everything. Sorry to all my friends I deleted from my FB account. After 6 years it was just too good to last I guess.

    1. icebergjr.


      Hope you're OK?

    2. Vasilli


      Hope is all ok with you Robi but sorry to say this to you but if you play with fire you will get burnt . Fuck facebook .


    3. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      Sorry to hear buddy, best wishes.

  3. Good work Terry. I like to see how much my EUR will make me happy next time and... 42 something is not that bad, could be under 40. BR
  4. Anyways please use it on latest TR and other posts lots of guys just post their respected work unshrink and you have to wait for ages to open... and I have good VDSL not some crappy modem line. BR
  5. It will be hard to find one here. Try http://www.thailovelinks.com lots of ladyboys to choose. BR
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