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  1. This information may be dated and irrelavant, but since I'm dated and irrelavant it seems to satisfy me. This is a link to the microsoft store to download some of their toys. On this page you'll find an image resizer download. After you download it you can highlight a photo or every photo you have, right click, go to resize photos, and resize to small, medium or large. It's the fastest and easiest way I've found to resize. Unfortunately, this is for Windows XP. Doesn't work for Vista and I don't know about Windows 7. I run both XP and Vista, but use the XP system to resize everything because it's so easy. I think I size to medium, which is perfect for posting on the forum. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/downloads/powertoys/xppowertoys.mspx RR
  2. One thing I'd like help with. I've noticed many posts where a BM quotes another member's post, but the quotes are broken into parts and the BM writes his comments to the specific section of the other member's post. I don't want to screw up a post (I've already done that). How is this done, i.e., picking several pieces from another's post so you can respond to each individually?
  3. Any way to link this thread to the BKK forum? Save a lot of typing and work.
  4. swadee - Thank you for the information. I will print this out so I can study it in a little greater detail. For those experienced with any system things seem second nature, but for those of us just starting out it's like a steep hill we're not sure we can climb. My main concern was doing something that screws everything up. My primary desire is to be a useful, productive contributor to the forum. And, I do understand the voluntary nature of all the senior members of this and the Bangkok site that make the whole thing work. To all of you I tip my hat and offer my gratitude. Racken
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