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  1. Look Germany, we're the world champions now.

    1. HarryKane9


      Congratulations! Good fight! The offensive players of us were dangerous as Chihuaha dogs! Oezil and Schuerle should be banned for a while! Hope Ireland and Lewaland go both to France!

    2. Doyle Lonnegan

      Doyle Lonnegan

      awesome result!!!


  2. God bless America for sticking it to Fifa

    1. soju2012
    2. steveo941


      seems that's not the case, Fifa have turned it round, now blatter looks the good guy, he is a fucking weazel

  3. Only 3 more sleeps until Christmas

    1. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Recount them Tomas! ;)

    2. Tomas


      Still coming up with 3

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants
  4. Ebola now available in Ireland.

    1. hubert_cumberdale


      Yes the victim had recently returned from Sierra Leone why the fuck their not stopping travel from infected countries is beyond me

    2. Doyle Lonnegan

      Doyle Lonnegan

      bound to happen with all the nigerians bouncing into dublin.

  5. The thread I started that you have quoted was started on the 26th and this one on the 22nd so that cant be it. Not the brightest bulb are we Bax?
  6. Oculus Rift + Shemale porn + Fucking machine = No more trips to Thailand for the bottom boys.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tomas


      I had a test run on a dev kit one and it was fantastic. It was just a female pov blow job. Its the way of the future.

    3. fenton


      Well its only a matter of time before they give ASIMO a wig and a cock 5555

    4. SBK


      I saw a quote awhile back, it went something like this "I was born too late to explore the world, I was born too soon to explore the stars, but I was born right on time for 3D virtual reality fucking!"

  7. 35 more sleeps

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tomas


      Not going to Thailand. 35 more sleeps until I go to Los Santos

    3. laptop


      Well, good to be getting out of our fair country for a bit.

    4. laptop


      Oh right. Not Spain so.

  8. Only 44 more sleeps :)

  9. I was eating chocolate earlier and I got some on my bed and it doesn't look one bit like chocolate.

  10. The fellow below this status update is gayyy

    1. Vasilli


      Any Proof of that .

  11. The Sensations Bar thread is fucked. Can only go to the first page. Think a 2013 MkII thread needs to be started to split it.

  12. The duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy. He weight 6lbs and 8oz. They have named him Jürgen.

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