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  1. A friend is an enemy you haven't made yet!

    1. poesface
    2. GrifterMan


      and an enemy is a friend you just haven't understood yet.

    3. paultain


      nice one Grifter

  2. I can see Pattaya from here..... nice to be in a place that is honest and not poisoned by Westerners

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. icebergjr.


      What's with all the stuttering lately,guys? 5555

    3. paultain


      It might be the bamboo windmills that produces the power on this island.... Or maybe thats what theu use to power this forum... But if you stand on Buddha's foot you really can see.. Seracha.. Rayong..Pattaya...Koh Larn

    4. garrydirty
  3. Solar powered tanning beds

  4. There must be only a hand full of members in there now, what with Stogie banning BM's right left and center, and other BM's who can't afford to pay to read their own posts. I got a funny feeling the TLF forum is purposely trying to burn it's self out. Your apology is accepted, be good here, and you'll be alright!
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