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  1. Many apps need updated regularly so you need to do it yourself or use Aptoide or Google play store. Many apps for Movies and TV are not approved by Google so they do not do searches for them or update. Just go to their website using the installed web browser and download and install the new version. Most of the movie channels need regular updates as the big studios try to close them down. They then update and change the location of their servers. You must also update the Android version on the Minix to the current version. When you do check for an update you get the next in sequence, if you have not checked for a while then you could have to do it several times until you get the latest installed. Also you can go back to earlier versions of Kodi. My U1 is on v5.1.1 and Kodi 17.1, runs fine.
  2. I have the minix u1 which now sells for 3800b on Lazada. It has a good spec and does 4k. Movie channels that I installed are Cartoon HD, Time for Popcorn, ShowBox and Movie HD. They all reliable. Also have UKTV now which has UK TV including all Sky sports and discovery etc. Remember that if you want BBC iplayer, ITV hub and All4 then you need VPN. Another good source is 'I like HD TV' , it is a Thai channel that is paid for. I pay with a True Money voucher which you get at Tesco/711 etc. . For the UK package you pay 450b for a month. I do this as the Sky sports, including F1 is in HD. I work in Korea and supplied everyone in our office with one and configured them, 24 of them. Android is easy after you get used to it but it helps to have support. Even paying 6000 for a box when it is available for 3800 seems a lot but support and getting it configured is important. I have 3BB fiber which runs at upto 50M. On VPN I get around 6M which plays BBC etc. perfectly.
  3. I take DHEA, which is the stuff that helps you build testosterone. I also take a Brazilian berry called ACAI, Viagra de Amazonas, and it is wonderful stuff. ACAI is the strongest antioxidant in the world and is worth a check on the internet for its value, I could not give you all its goods. I buy Acia in powder form in Rio but if you go there, go to a fruit drink kiosk and ask for it fresh, or actually as a frozen pulp as you get it there for $2. Brilliant stuff. .
  4. Can I post a video, if so what format and is there a size limit? I have a couple of amusing vids, Quick time or mpg4, which I would like to share. Where would they go? I could convert to into any format. cheers
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